Little chef

A few days ago, I found a bit of time to sew something quick. Rather than making half a dress, I went for making a full apron. When I drew my adult apron pattern on my computer, I also drew a kiddie version, but I hadn’t given it a test drive yet.

I picked a pretty Cotton + Steel fat quarter which the lovely Frances sent me some time ago. Norah loved that fabric the minute it arrived, so I knew that it was going to be a success.

But then it happened. I looked in my stash for a matching solid for the strap, and hit upon an old Melody Miller fabric. And I just couldn’t resist. I was sure Norah would love a vintage looking apron even more (that coffee pot!). And I could finally use the fat quarter I bought from Miss Matatabi 18 months ago (after seeing Vanessa’s stunning pot holders).

Then I had to pick a matching fabric for the straps. I found a beautiful Cotton + Steel fabric which I had ordered fromΒ Bellelien a while ago for an urgent project (Kathleen’s delivery times are unbeatable!). It’s funny: Cotton + Steel prides itself on the fact that fabrics of their different collections combine perfectly, but it turns out that C+S’s fabrics even match with the fabrics which their founding designer Melody Miller designed for Kokka years ago! Not only is the color perfect; both fabrics even have the same stars. Awesomeness.
The apron was ready in no time, and the pattern turned out to be as good as ready. It has the same design as the adult version: one large strap which runs through tunnels in the arm scye s, so that it is super easy to put on and adjust. The patterns and instructions will be available early next year.
Unfortunately, Norah was not as enthusiastic about the fabric as I had hoped. She said that she ‘liked it, and didn’t like it’. Which is Norese for: ‘I don’t like it, but I don’t want to hurt your feelings”. Well, whatever. She only has to wear the apron – I’m the one who has to look at it. Ha!

17 thoughts on “Little chef

  1. My two year old daughter Lucy saw the photo of Norah with her apron and said “Chi Γ¨ quella bellissima ragazza”, as she usually speaks in Italian. It means “Who is that beautiful girl?” The apron is lovely, the fabrics perfect!

  2. Funny! I sewed an apron with the same melody miller fabric last week! It was a present for a little boy. I don't really know if he liked it, but his mum did πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, I love your combination with the cotton + steel fabric. I just used bias tape…


  3. I just made an apron for my brother in law. I usually do a button hole with loose end for neck tie with knot at the end of the tie. I love your adjustable idea – smart!

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