Advertising and collaborating

I love working together with fabric brands, shops, and other businesses related to sewing, crafting or interior design. If you would like to sponsor a tutorial or give-away, or work together in any other way, please contact me at straightgrainblog[-at-]
I only bother my readers with posts about sewing/crafting and interior design, so please refrain from sending me sponsorship proposals related to tampons, toilet paper, toys, men’s wear, candy, and the like. 🙂
I also try to not bother my readers with posts which are only about a give-away (i.e., I prefer to integrate give-aways in posts about a related creation or tutorial). Such intergrated give-aways are not only more pleasant to read for my readers – they are also much more beneficial for the sponsor at hand.
I also contribute to sewing books (3 contributions are currently in press) and magazines (Stylo, 2014). Invitations are always welcome at straightgrainblog[-at-]



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