New features of StraightGrain patterns (layers! swiping! A0!) and a GIVE-AWAY

The past months have been incredibly busy. There are many reasons for this: classes to teach, papers to grade (ugh), sewing book contributions to write, an hyperactive toddler to mind, and so on. Since a week or two, my teaching and grading had ended for a while, and so I’m finally focusing on developing new patterns again.

At the same time, however, I’m also making a few changes to my four existing patterns. To name a few:
– the Tinny and Bubble dress will get more sizes
– all patterns will get layers (which means you will be able to print just 1 size, if you like)
– all patterns will come in A0 format, so you can have them printed on big sheets in your local print shop.
– all patterns will include a list with creative ideas for making your garment unique. The list will also include a number of links to inspiring examples.
– all patterns will include a special ‘swipeable’ version of the instructions for those of you who, like me, do not print the instructions, but read them of a mobile device like an iPad.

I’m especially giddy about the last feature. Each pattern will come with a complementary pdf file which you can open in your pdf reader (e.g., iBooks). It will generally contain just one step per ‘page’, and so you will be able to “swipe” your way through the instructions, rather than having to scroll. I have been planning this addition for over a year now, and I’m so happy to have finally found the time to give it a try. As far as I know of (?), there are no other pattern designers who offer it.

This feature is not only very convenient; it also adds to my continuous efforts to make sewing with my patterns as eco-friendly as possible. My patterns already came with a printing table, so that you only print those pages which you will actually use. And they already came with very precise yardage tables (using 1/8″ and 10 cm increments) so that you only buy the fabric you need. With the additional swipeable pdf, I hope to make not printing the instructions more attractive.

The new Lua
I started with updating the English version of the Lua pattern. Nothing changed to the patterns or sizing themselves, but the new version also includes the A0 version, a separate file with instructions for your mobile device, and a list with creative ideas for making your Lua sleep sack truly unique. Those of you who already bought the English pattern will get the updated version in your mailboxes soon.

In the coming months, I’ll also be releasing new versions of my other patterns, one at a time.

The discount code
You can now buy the new Lua pattern with a 20% discount with the code SWIPE. It expires on Dec 1.

The give-away
I’m so happy to finally have a bit more time to sew and make new (versions of) patterns. Let’s celebrate with a give-away… and do some de-stashing at the same time! I need to slim down my stash, and get rid of some fabrics I know I won’t be using.

Three winners will receive the new version of the English Lua pattern, and one of them will also receive 3 yards of designer fabrics from my stash (one from Lotta Jansdotter, one from Amy Butler, and one from Art Gallery Fabrics). Just use the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

Enter the giveaway


56 thoughts on “New features of StraightGrain patterns (layers! swiping! A0!) and a GIVE-AWAY

  1. I love the idea of “swipeable” directions– my tablet will be so much easier to fit in my little sewing space than my laptop! Thanks! Sarah

  2. Ik heb je site gevonden via Compagnie M en haar artikel in La maison Victor. Wat een mooi blog en wat een schattige patronen. Ik doe graag mee aan je give away – de stofjes zijn prachtig. Nu ga ik gauw weer verder lezen.
    groetjes, Tryntsje

  3. I usually print the instructions of the patterns, however I do not do it for tutorials. I think the iPad feature is a great way to print fewer instructions.

  4. I am just teaching myself to sew and I know I would love to be able to swipe my way through patterns one step at a time! Brilliant idea. Thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway. 🙂

  5. Zou graag winnen! Heb eens 'n yard van die Lotta stof besteld en kwam er toen achter dat 't niet genoeg zou zijn voor 'n rok voor mezelf… Zou met nog 'n yard er zeker m'n rokje uit kunnen halen!

    Duimen duss!

    En super die nieuwe opties. Nu nog op zoek naar 'n reader, hol nu altijd op en neer tussen acculoze laptop en naaimachine.

  6. The Lotta Jansdotter Glimma has been on my want list for so long- thanks for the chance to win it! Love the other fabrics as well! Thanks: Sarah: crjandsbj(at)netzero(dot)com

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