I [heart] Marcel Marlier: Hayley and Heidi

We’re over halfway in our I [heart] Marcel Marlier series, but Suz and I are not through our stock of amazing guests yet! Quite on the contrary…
The picture on the left shows a gorgeous creation from Hayley from Welcome to the MouseHouse. You all know Hayley from her super sweet patterns (the Julia cardigan! the Norah dress!), her great tutorials, and of course her extremely cute and photogenic kids Ainsley and Ethan. In the past months I’ve had the pleasure to get to know Hayley better online, and I learned that she’s one of the funniest and sweetest bloggers out there. Make sure to go follow her blog, because she’s going to surprise you with some amazing news in the time to come! But in the mean time, read more about her classic Marcel Marlier style dress and coat here.

The picture on the right shows another stunning creation – for a boy! Read the introduction to Heidi over at Suz’s.


And don’t forget to sew along! This week you can upload your Marcel Marlier creations both here and over at Kids’ Clothes Week 😉


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