Sew + Show #1 (A new link party!)

Starting today, I will be hosting a new, weekly link party, called Sew + Show. This means that each Wednesday, you will have an opportunity to upload whatever you have sewn in the past week. New people will be able to discover your blog (if you have one), and you will be able to discover new blogs too.

Why a link party?
Link parties have been important to me as a beginning blogger. For instance, when my blog was just a few weeks old, I was being featured a few times in the link party which was then organized over at Shwin & Shwin. It was a huge boost for my traffic: for the first time, I had over 100 page views in one day. I was exctatic: one hundred page views!! Pretty funny, looking back at it. πŸ™‚

As my own blog has been growing strongly in the past two years, I feel like it is time to ‘give back’ (oh that sounds cheesy!) and try to help other young blogs grow their popularity too.

Moreover, I feel that there really is a ‘gap’ in the, uhm, link party landscape: most weekly sewing link parties which are currently being organized appear to address a different audience than the average StraightGrain reader. They either focus mostly on sewing accessories rather than clothes, or they tend to embrace a more boutiqueΒ style look (ruffles & frills types of clothes, rather than the more minimalistic European look). That being said, Sew + Show will be open to anything sewn, including accessories and boutique style clothes.

How does it work?
– A new party opens each Wednesday. Use the “Add Β your link” button to upload and link up to whatever you sewed in the past 7 days. It’s really easy – just follow the steps.
– The link party closes the next Tuesday, and I will check which button(s) were clicked on most
– On Wednesday, I will feature the most popular creations, and open a new party.
– On an irregular basis, I will also throw in a little prize for the most clicked creation.
– If you link up to your blog, include the Sew+Show button in your post or sidebar. The more people know of this link party, the more everyone will benefit from it. Download the button below and link up manually, or use the html-code:

Some rules
– You do not need to have a blog. You can also link up to your Facebook, Kollabora, Instagram, …
– The link party is open to anything sewn: kids’ clothes, (home) accessories, adult’s garments, etc., in all styles.
– You cannot link up to a shop. Links to items for sale will be deleted.

So here we go: the first Sew+Show link party is… open! Let’s kick it off with a little prize: this week the most clicked item will receive the newest pattern from my buddy Suz (sewpony vintage): the Sunday Picnick Dress. Good luck!

Link Party #1


21 thoughts on “Sew + Show #1 (A new link party!)

  1. ik wil heel graag meedoen maar snap niet goed hoe het werkt….ja, vandaag ben ik niet goed bij denk ik, hoeveel keer ik vandaag al watblieft heb gezegd of iets heb laten vallen…
    wat is add your link button?

  2. Ha, ik heb ook zo van die dagen πŸ™‚
    Je moet gewoon onderaan de link party kijken – daar staat een knop (button) “Add your link”. Daarop moet je klikken, en dan de verschillende stappen volgen (link invoegen, foto kiezen, foto croppen, en klaar!). Laat maar iets weten als het toch niet lukt.

  3. Ohhh missed this! Bring back the link parties is what I say! There used to be a few around and now they're so few and far between! I will be sure to link up in future weeks πŸ™‚

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