I [heart] Marcel Marlier: Celina and Ana Sofia

It’s Kids’ Clothes Week, yaaay! The theme this season is ‘Storybook‘: clothes inspired by children’s books. When Suz and I started working on our I [heart] Marcel Marlier series, we had no idea that it would overlap with the KCW theme.
The message for you is, of course: if you are sewing along with our series this week, don’t forget to also upload your creation to KCW (as well as to our own sew along link party).

Our guests today come from two countries where Marcel Marlier’s books have turned out to be very popular: Canada and Portugal. On the left is the breath-taking creation of Canadian blogger and über-pinner Celina (Petit à Petit & Family). That’s right: you’re not looking at a pic from an expensive clothing brand catalogue – this is actually a picture Celina took of a home-sewn garment, worn by her beautiful daughter. To most of you, Celina does not need to be introduced. Her creations are not only gorgeous, but they are always so original, and so different from what you will found on other blogs. Petit à Petit is one of those blogs you just have to follow if you love children’s clothes!

For the introduction to the equally stunning creation on the right, visit Suz.


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