I [heart] Marcel Marlier: Caro and Marta

While our sew-along link party is steadily growing, today we have two new guests in our I [heart] Marcel Marlier series.

The gorgeous outfit on the left was sewn by Caro of the French blog La Cabane d’Elilou. Caro sews gorgeous garments for her two kids Eliette and Louis (Eli & Lou, I presume :-)). She uses very bright and fun colors, which suit her kids beautifully. Caro is also a very talented knitter (check out this cardigan!) and crocheter (swoon at these presents!). In other words, she’s a super versatile creative talent, and I’m just smitten with the color combination and the special collar of her Marcel Marlier creation. Read all about it here.

If you would like to learn more about the stunning dresses on the right, visit Suz for the intro and link!


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