I [heart] Marcel Marlier: Isabelle and Stéphanie

Bonjour everyone! Today we have two great guests in our Marcel Marlier series, both hailing from the French speaking region.

The picture on the left is a sneak peak from Isabelle of Le Labo d’Isa. Isabelle is from the French-speaking part of Belgium, just like… Marcel Marlier himself! Isabelle blogs in French, but please don’t let that keep you from visiting her blog. Le Labo has been one of my favorite sewing blogs for years now. Isa makes such fresh and modern garments and home decor objects, and takes such beautiful pictures of them, that you can enjoy her blog without reading a single letter of what she writes. As you can probably already tell from the sneak peek, her Marcel Marlier creation is no exception to this. Read all about it here.

For the introduction to our other guest, Stéphanie, please visit Suz!


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