I [heart] Marcel Marlier: Natalie and Maria

It’s Monday, it’s Marcel Marlier day! Yay! We’re in the third week of our series, and it looks like many of you have already started to sew along. Some even already finished their garments and uploaded them in our Sew Along Link Party! Make sure to check it out, because there is some amazing stuff there.
As usual, we have two talented guests. The terribly cute picture on the left was taken by Natalie of the blog La Gang à Nat. Don’t let the name of this blog mislead you – bilingual Natalie writes in English, not French. I’m so thrilled to have Natalie as a guest in our series. Not just because she is Canadian (one of the countries where Marcel Marlier’s books are very popular), or because she is incredibly kind and funny and witty, but mostly because she makes the most beautiful things for her three daughters. As the sneak peak below shows, her Marcel Marlier garment is no exception to this. If you would like to see more, head this way.


Our other guest, Maria, has also stitched up a gorgeous tribute to Marcel Marlier (picture on the right). Visit Suz to see more.


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