I [heart] Marcel Marlier: Modern Tiny (+ give-away)

Today, our series I [heart] Marcel Marlier kicks off for real, starting with Suz’ and my own creations. We’ve been planning this series for months, and I knew from the beginning which type of dress I wanted to make: a classic, vintage style semi-knock off from one of my Marcel Marlier books.

However, as I was flipping through them, I started to realise that so many of my previous creations over the past years had been influenced by Tiny’s dress code, and that I would have a hard time to come up with something new. I already made the striped dresses (here and here), the vintage flower frocks, the solids-with-piping-details, the classic coats, and pretty much everything else which drew my attention in the books.

I really didn’t want to repeat myself, so I decided to go for something completely different: a modern version of Tiny. What would she be wearing if she was 8 years today? The peter pan collar had to be included of course. And those cute gathered skirts which she wears on almost each of her adventures too. To make it more contemporary, I decided to go for some color blocking. A contrasting peter pan and hem, and I also wanted to do something special with the sleeves. Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing a little tutorial on how I made them.
The dress looks a bit big for now (especially at the shoulders) but it will fit perfectly with a long sleeve tee underneath this Autumn.

The fabrics are something really special. Next month, Cloud 9 Fabrics is releasing their new line of solids, called Cirrus Solids, and a few weeks ago they generously sent me some yardage. These fabrics have a bit of a rougher weave, but at the same time, they are incredibly soft. And the 21 different colors work so well together. I went for a combination of Amber, Coral, and Rain.
I made a bow for Norah’s hair from some left-overs of the rain and amber fabrics. A bit of a vintage touch after all 🙂 Norah loved that part of her outfit particularly. As I shared on this blog before, Norah loves impersonating Tinny, and the bow made her feel like a ‘real’ Tiny even more, she said.
Norah is such a huge Tiny-fan. Every night, she can pick three stories we read to her, and while she has over 200 books, her selection almost always includes at least one Tiny book. Sometimes, there are weeks when we have to read three Tiny books to her – night after night after night. 
Needless to say, she is super happy with her new dress! 
Make sure to also visit Suz’ blog to see her creation for the series. As I’m writing this post, I haven’t seen the finished dresses in full yet, but judging by the teaser pic below, they are stunning!
The give-away
As Suz and I explained yesterday in our announcement of this series, the series includes a major give-away. If you’d like to win one of our six fabulous prizes, take your chance with the widget below. 

Enter the giveaway here


21 thoughts on “I [heart] Marcel Marlier: Modern Tiny (+ give-away)

  1. Oh An, I love your style! Vintage-modern was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this post! I love it! I love what you did with the sleeve. You are ingenious!

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