Three is (not really) the charm

Today, I’m blogging a dress which I finished weeks ago already. So why only write about it now?

Let’s just say that my two previous attempts at taking pictures were not entirely successful. As in: they were a disaster. Ava has become incredibly difficult to photograph. Not only can she not sit, stand or lie still for a second…
… she also refuses to wear a bandana or clip which tame her wild curls into an acceptable hairdo.
This third attempt yielded a full three more or less acceptable pictures. That is three more than the previous two attempts.
Anyway, let’s talk about the dress. It’s another version of my one-day-to-be-launched Akiko pattern, this time with elasticized sleeves (which need to be lengthened a bit, I learned). 
The fabric is from one of my favorite designers: Eloise Renouf for Cloud 9. It is called Spring Sampler and is part of her Shape of Spring line. I love the colors and the print. It is fun, but not childish. I bought it at Noeks. The contrasting strip is Cotton Couture Solids in Gold. 
Now I have just 2 more finished dresses for Ava which I still have to take pictures of. So that means … six more photoshoots?

21 thoughts on “Three is (not really) the charm

  1. Ik vind die eerste foto's nochtans hilarisch! 😀 Dametje met karakter… I like it!
    Maar bij Lien is dat hier ook zo hoor… 50 foto's nemen om er 5 uit te kunnen selecteren die toonbaar zijn.

    Maar het kleedje is heel mooi en schattig! Ik hou van het kleurgebruik!

  2. Zalig! En wacht dan tot ze 5 zijn. Die van mij loopt weg, kruipt onder trampolines, draait zich t pas en te onpas om, steekt haar tong uit… maar een snoepje helpt voorlopig meestal nog. Die truc is met babies iets lastiger 🙂 Maar het kleedje is super leuk, heel mooi stofje!

  3. Ha! Yes, my youngest was super hard to photograph for awhile… ! I wouldn't even test patterns in her size because I didn't want to bother with the photos. Love the fabric, love the idea of those sweet elasticized sleeves!

  4. My daughter has been like that with photos for about a year now. I completely understand. I love that dress and look forward to the pattern

  5. Don't complain, at least, one of your kids is very cooperative… I'm not that lucky… That's why I bought fake-kids. Not as nice but the photoshoots are quicker 😉
    btw, the dress is lovely 🙂

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