The skirt formerly known as dance skirt

For some reason, both of my daughters love dancing. Ava is the most extreme case (I’ll get to that later in this post) but Norah too has a severe and chronic case of dancing fever. And from this year on, she’ll be taking dance classes every week. A dance skirt was due, and of course, it had to be a circle skirt. 

I picked the bling-blingiest fabric I could find in my stash: a white linen-type fabric with big golden circles on it. The fabric was part of the stock of Belgian kids’ clothes designer Anne Kurris, and was a gift from Katelijne from MonDepot. I lined the skirt with an off-white voile.

As soon as I put it on Norah, I realised that, despite the high bling-bling factor of the fabric, the skirt is actually perfectly suitable for everyday wear. 

Combined with some leather boots and an apricot cardigan, Norah could just as well wear it to school instead of to dance class.
So I think I’ll be making another dancing skirt next week, but this time, use some really trashy fabric. Just so I don’t accidentally end up with something stylish.

I think I’ll be making many more dancing skirts in the coming years, as little Ava is even more crazy about dancing than Norah. Not only does she start moving her little baby booty whenever she hears music; she also hears music in everything. From the minute we accidentally make a sound which could be mistaken for a rhythm, she stands up and starts shaking it. Highly entertaining 🙂


41 thoughts on “The skirt formerly known as dance skirt

  1. I'm amused by your resolve to create something “trashier”, but I don't mean this as an insult. I know what you mean. There really are suitable places for sequins and glitter and gemstones in abundance.

  2. My girls and I are big fans – of the skirt and the boots! Stylish! And I *love* the way babies have that innate sense of rhythm. It's so interesting, but even more so – adorable!

  3. How sweet! I love how babies can't help dancing! Nice to see Norah out and about in her dancing gear! My girls will be doing dancing next year too:)photos/

  4. Usually, I don't really like golden stuff but I have to admit that this fabric is amazing.
    And anyway, it seems that you can turn any fabric into lovely garment 🙂

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