High-low gift baskets, and a question

A new month, a new Miss Matatabi Makers post! Today, you can find me over at Miss M’s place with two creations in a cute Lecien fabric. Click here to see more.

A question for you: if I were to turn this into a free pattern one day, would any of you be making it, or would it be pearls before swine? :-p. Please be honest!


22 thoughts on “High-low gift baskets, and a question

  1. An I think these baskets look fantastic and would be great as Christmas gifts (to give my kids' teachers, for example) so a pattern/tutorial would be great.
    But maybe a tutorial would be enough… At least for me…
    Go for it!

  2. Ik vind de mandjes geweldig maar zelf maken zou ik nooit doen! Ik maak, persoonlijk, liefst kledij!
    Gevulde mandjes krijgen dat vind iedereen vast leuk en iets wat je krijgt (zulke mandjes) gebruik je zeker.

  3. This would make an excellent “giftwrap” for just about anything.
    So yes please. A pattern woud be greatly appreciated.
    Just wondering what kind of interfacing u used to get it to stand so firm?

  4. This would be AWESOME! I have been looking for something like this – that would hold more than a burp/bib combo since I LOVE gifting baby stuff! Thanks for thinking of it.

  5. I don't know if I would make it. Does that make me the swine? Ha ha! It is ok if you say I am! Honestly, I was going to make the Matryoska bowl, but I found the idea ofattaching the separate bottom piece too hard. Too difficult! I ended up making three fabric bowls from a different pattern instead.

  6. Not a swine at all – on the contrary! I really asked the question in order to find out if I would be spending time on a pattern no one would be interested in using. Your honesty is much appreciated!

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