Pears, farts, and Christmas trees

Today, you can find me over at the blog Naeh Connection. Annika has been organising a great series called ‘Sew Fantastic’, in which she is interviewing sewing bloggers. Today is my turn, so if you would like to find out more about the relationship between sewing and Christmas trees, between pears and farts, and between sewing and abdominal injuries, click here.

Make sure to also explore Annika’s blog further! She’s a super nice lady who makes really pretty things, so she’s definitely worth a visit.


7 thoughts on “Pears, farts, and Christmas trees

  1. Haha, de mop van de peren!
    Zo leuk om zo veel over je te weten te komen ๐Ÿ™‚ En zรณ vereerd om dan mijn eigen naam tot twee keer toe tegen te komen… Dankjewel, An! X

  2. Oh An, I loved reading this interview so much! And we finally get to see a photo of you, too? Wow, I now see why your girls are so beautiful. They take after their mama! โค

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