Something old, something new, something blue

A friend of mine is due to have a baby any day now, so it was time to stitch up a little present. My first idea was to make a Lua sleep sack, but I’m not sure she uses sleep sacks. Then I thought, maybe a dress? But she sews herself, and if she’s anything like me, she’s pretty picky when it comes to kids’ clothes.

Finally I decided to go for bibs. Everyone uses them, and even if you think they are plain ugly, at least they are still useful. And you simply cannot have too many of them.

I dived into my stash (you can take that almost literally) and resurfaced with three Cloud 9 fabrics. Knowing my friend a bit, I can imagine she would appreciate some high quality organic cottons. I used an old one (Straws in Minty) a bit of a newer one (1000 Cranes), and a very recent one (Folky Daisy)

For the back, I bought some supersoft nice and thick, mega absorbing terrycloth. 
They are made with my free Piece of Cake pattern, in size small. 
Because she sews herself, I’m a bit nervous to send them to her. Hope she will not notice the little imperfections…

7 thoughts on “Something old, something new, something blue

  1. Those are beautiful and I am sure they will be appreciated! And finally a small piece of 1000 cranes! I would still love to see it as a dress for yourself!

  2. These are wonderful! My granddaughter was given some with the terry cloth on the reverse. Boy, have they come in handy during teething! I'm a sewer, too. I always appreciate anything that someone makes just for me. I'm sure your friend will, too. 🙂

  3. As a sewer I treasure a gift that someone else makes me as it happens so rarely. I think others think you would be making everything yourself anyway. They will be so appreciated. Lovely

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