Stitched together for Rachel: A moon

With some bloggers you talk about more than just sewing. Rachel from Stitched Together is one such blogger. Motherhood, education, politics, religion, just life in general; there is not topic on which you can not have an interesting conversation with Rachel.
When she told me she was pregnant, I was really excited for her. She has such a beautiful family already, and it is great that she’ll be welcoming another little member.

So when Victoria invited me together with a bunch of Rachel’s other blogging friends to create something for her newborn, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. Victoria’s idea was that she would create a mobile for the baby, and each one of us would stitch up something to hang in it. You can see Victoria’s beautiful mobile here.

As I know Rachel likes the combination of mint and chartreuse (proof here), we decided that we would use the Arizona color palette (mint, chartreuse, peach, navy) in all our creations. That way, the mobile would look coherent and would probably fit Rachel’s taste.

I made a little moon for the mobile. I used an actual Arizona fabric (Crystal Arrowheads) and stitched a layer of Quilter’s Dream Wool batting in between. The fabric is a left-over from this dress.

Dear Rachel, I hope you like the little surprise Victoria thought up, and most of all, I wish you a great delivery, and all the best to your amazing family. And many, many beautiful little handmade baby dresses 😉

Would you like to see the other ornaments? Here are the links:
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7 thoughts on “Stitched together for Rachel: A moon

  1. An! I just could not believe this! Wow, I was so surprised. I saw this come up on Feedly while waiting to see my midwife and I literally got teary right there in the waiting room! (I'm almost 40 weeks pregnant, so I think I get a pass on public crying!) 😉 It is just so thoughtful and sweet and I'm so touched that you would do this for me. It really means so much to me and I absolutely love the color scheme. I love what you made and will absolutely cherish these ornaments. Thank you so, so much!

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