Secret Squirrel comes home

After traveling the world for a year, Secret Squirrel returned to Antwerp with the assignment to create a children’s garment based on the 5 acorns given by the Shaffer Sisters.

After seeing all those gorgeous creations made by the Secret Squirrel hosts and sew alongers over the past year, I was pretty nervous about my own assignment. Picking the three acorns to incorporate in my garment was rather easy, however. I’m not a fan of damask fabric, and I wouldn’t know what to do with gunny sack, so those two fell off.

That left me with the rocket popsicle, the flower and “a stitch in time saves nine”. Here is how I translated them into the dress:
– from the popsicle I took the idea of colorblocking
– the flower I put in Norah’s hair
– the bodice of the sundress is composed of nine pieces of fabric

The dress consists of a simple bodice with spaghetti straps. It is made out of my favorite line of solid fabrics, Michael Miller’s Cotton Couture Solids. They are soft, stay pretty after washing them over and over again, don’t wrinkle too easily, and are affordable on top of it. If only Belgian fabric stores would carry them…

The colors I used are called Spring, Teal, Creamsicle, and my all time favorite, Gold. I bought them here.

The buttons in the back are tiny wooden ones from this Belgian brick and mortar store.

I took pictures of each step, and I hope to be able to publish the tutorial soon.

So this was the final creation for the Secret Squirrel series. Which means we can finally start voting! Tomorrow, both Suz and I will publish two link parties to which each Secret Squirrel creation has been uploaded (participants do not have to do this themselves). If you were a Secret Squirrel host, you can start sending over your friends, family, and followers to vote for you starting Thursday (July 3rd) at noon Central European Time. Exciting!


19 thoughts on “Secret Squirrel comes home

  1. This is oh, so beautiful. Love the color-blocked bodice. And the pic of her daughter with the hair open and on just one side of her face – wow, she is stunning! Looking forward to the link party tomorrow and will make sure to send people there. However, with my blog being that tiny, I'll mostly likely not have a chance to win. Which, however, isn't a problem as I had so much fun just participating. Thanks to you and Suz for organising such a fun series. I hope there will be another year of secret squirrel? Or something else? (Btw. another season of Kids Clothes Belgian Style would be amazing, too!)

  2. I tried commenting from my phone but not sure it worked? I love this dress so much!! the colours of the bodice are so stunning. I hope you don't mind but I totally want to copy this summer!

  3. An, I just have to say I absolutely adore your style. This is the coolest dress I've seen in a long time! I love the colors you chose. And wow, Norah is so gorgeous. And so is Ava. Are you and your husband actually Belgian supermodels? 😉

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