Nani Iro leggings

Have you been enjoying Miss Matatabi’s nani IRO month? I know I have! So many gorgeous creations in Naomi Ito’s beautiful designs… Every month should be nani IRO month 🙂

Today I’m showing my second contribution to nani IRO month, with what is by far the fastest garment I ever made. I traced these baby leggings off a store-bought pair. One pattern piece, cut twice, and an elastic in the waist – that’s all.

Excuse the bad photography… Last minute photoshoot with baby on the move.

The fabric is called Corsage Kosa-Jyu A, and comes in three more colorways. It is awesome to work with. But I already knew that, of course, from the baby bandana which I made in it.
The fabric is super soft and very stretchy without feeling synthetic in any way.

There’s not much else to say about this creation. It’s a super simple pattern, but the amazing fabric makes the leggings really special I think. 
So let’s discuss the little model! Ava has developed incredibly since her last Miss Matatabi photoshoot. Do you notice those two front teeth there? And she crawls. And pulls herself up. And walks when we hold her two hands. And says mamamamamama (Dutch for mommymommymommy). And teases (“Here’s a toy, mommy, take it. Ha, ha, I’m not letting go of it, ha ha, I’m so funny”). 
Thank you so much, Frances, for organizing this wonderful series! Here’s an overview again of the all the participants to Nani Iro month – check them out…
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A Little Goodness   ∆   Make It Perfect   ∆   skirt as top
Sanae Ishida   ∆   verykerryberry   ∆   Craftstorming

14 thoughts on “Nani Iro leggings

  1. Ja, dat kleedje heb ik een paar maand geleden zelf getekend. Het plan was om het in verschillende maten te gaan aanbieden… Maar het kleedje maken is zoveel werk (kraagje, mouwtjes,gathering, knooptjes) dat ik daar maar vanaf gezien heb. Aangezien babies overal zo snel uitgroeien, kan je 't maar beter bij snelle projecten houden, vind ik.

  2. I adore these leggings. I have been following this series, and I think this is the one thing I can try making without feeling too overwhelmed. Really beautiful both leggings and your adorable one.

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