And the winners are…

When I first considered organizing the Improvisational Pleating Contest, I really had my doubts whether it was a good idea. Would anyone really be interested in it? What if it lead to an embarrassingly low amount of entries?

Thirty-two submissions later, by some of the sewing blogosphere’s finest, I know better. The contest has left me with so much inspiration – I saw many techniques which I will be giving a try myself in future projects. In addition, it was so much fun to have entries from all corners of the world.

“Yadi yadi yadi, An, just announce those winners already!”. Okay, here I go. The entry which received the most votes, was this beautiful baptism dress from Conversas De Hermanas:

Congratulations, Rita and Fatima! You win three yards of choice from Birch’s gorgeous Flight Voile line.

Then there was the second prize: the entry made with a StraightGrain pattern which was my own favorite. I had such a difficult time picking one from all those beautiful creations, that I decided just to go with the entry which has the most votes. This gorgeous Hanami by fellow Belgian blogger Eva, received the second most votes overall, and the most votes from creations using a StraightGrain pattern.

Congratulations Eva! You win three meters of voiles from my own stash.

On a final note: thank you so much to everyone who participated, voted, and promoted this contest. It was great fun!

Below are all the entries again, with the first 10 pictures representing the top-ten of the contest.


7 thoughts on “And the winners are…

  1. I was away from the “world” yesterday (my son is sick and we spent the afternoon/evening in the hospital – nothing serious)… I was so happy when I saw Teresinha's Hanami in 1st place! I'm really proud that Teresinha is going to be baptized in a winner dress πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ An what an amazing an fun contest!!! Everything you make is amazing and your patterns are TOP! Tks a lot family, friends and friends of my firends and everyone that voted!

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