Time to vote!

In the last couple of days, thirty-two gorgeous creations were uploaded in the Improvisational Pleating Contest. I’ve been so amazed by how creative all of you have been in applying my little tutorial. Thank you so much!

Now, it is time to vote. Scroll down to the link party below, and simply click on the heart-icon which is displayed on each entry to pick your favorite. And give these contestants some extra love by clicking the pictures and reading their posts, or pinning your favorite techniques to your Pinterest boards.

Voting ends on Monday, 10 pm Central European TimeIf everything goes well, winners should be announced immediately after. Good luck!

[voting has ended]


5 thoughts on “Time to vote!

  1. Oh, so many wonderful creations. I really wanted to play along, but there is just too much going on at the moment. However as I had already plans on what I want to make, I will sew it within the next weeks and let you know about it…

  2. Seriously! Just one-vote 🙂 There are so many impressive creations 🙂
    I wish I could find the time to play along as well – hopefully I will soon.
    Thank you for the challenge, An!

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