Lua Testers’ Tour: Day 10 – and a thank you!

It’s the final day of the Lua Pattern Tour, and I have three more gorgeous versions to show you. A big thank you to AlisaAnnika, Julie (again), and Kristien for your detailed feedback and support!

Again, a big thank you to all my testers, and also to everyone who has bought the pattern over the past 10 days. I’m completely shocked by the unexpected success of this pattern, and so grateful for all your kind comments and words of support!


8 thoughts on “Lua Testers’ Tour: Day 10 – and a thank you!

  1. Hi! I assembled the pattern for this last night and cut fabric and batting, and am excited to get going. A question though — would you expect the batting to get bunchy/damaged in repeated laundering? I'm using dreamwool and I think think I remember that in a quilt, it would be recommended that you quilt it over as large a space as a sleepsack. Add to that the fact that this could get washed more than quilts do, and I'm wondering if I should quilt it a bit. But I haven't seen that in any of the testers' samples, and they seem to be a pretty knowledgeable group. Is this not an issue? Thanks!

    mailergoat at

  2. Good question! I also used dreamwool and so far, no damage. But if you're worried about this, quilting would be a perfect solution – I think the result would be really pretty too! You can quilt it when it is finished, or all the way at the beginning (quilt the main to the batting, before stitching the arm holes, shoulders and neck line of main and lining together).

  3. Ik vind dit echt zo'n geweldig idee voor cadeautjes! Ik heb het Lua-patroon daarom nu ook gekocht 🙂 . Een klein vraagje: waar haal jij de vulling vandaan? Kun je dat in Antwerpen kopen? Of bestel je het via internet?

  4. Bedankt voor je aankoop, Selma 🙂
    Ik heb de tussenvoering zelf via internet besteld (bij Elly Prins in Nederland), maar nu pas van een van mijn testers (Kristien van hierboven) geleerd dat er in Antwerpen ook een quiltwinkel is waar je dat vindt (Calico House). Ook Vlieseline heeft niet-synthetische tussenvoering, dus in een gewone stoffenwinkel of bij Veritas vind je het waarschijnlijk ook wel.

  5. FYI I just did this…quilting the two-layer “sandwich” of dream wool didn't go so well, as the dreamwool bunched a lot against my machine's throat plate and resulted in a big mismatch between the batting and main by the time I'd reached the opposite end of the pattern piece. After some trial and error (seam ripping from dream wool is a pain!) I ended up using a light muslin layer on the other side of the batting to help it slide under the needle. It won't ever show, so I first roughly cut a big piece and basted the three layers together, then trimmed the muslin down to size afterward. It went a lot better! Just wanted to share that with any other readers thinking of quilting this with dreamwool.

    I can't wait to finish this up — it'll be so pretty!

  6. Ik ben bij Calico House geweest en ben daar heel goed geholpen! Heel vriendelijke mevrouw en de prijzen zijn er dik in orde (ik betaalde iets van 7,50 voor 240×50 cm katoenen vulling). Een aanrader dus!

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