Azure dress + GIVE-AWAY

Today I can hardly imagine that, when I was pregnant, I had no plans to sew for Ava. “No way am I going to spend time on clothes which are outgrown within a couple of weeks”, I thought.

Six months on, I just finished my fifth baby dress, and I am thinking about what an upcoming baby dress pattern could look like. I’m currently at the stage where I’m experimenting with different ideas. And with the most gorgeous fabrics on the planet.

I drew the dress starting from a basic bodice block, and then added some pleats in the front and back.

I finished the sleeves off with neon piping. 

The photoshoot was a joy, of course.

People often say that “Ava is such a doll!”.
Sometimes, I think that she literally is.

What do you think of this dress? Does it have pattern potential?
The fabric I used – Valley in Azure –  has only been released a few weeks ago, but it is one of my all-time favorites already. It is part of Leah Duncan’s Meadow line, and I knew that it would be perfect for a dress for blue-eyed Ava. It is the second time I’m using an Art Gallery fabric, and just like the first time, I must say that their slogan “Feel the difference” could not have been picked better. Softer. Than. Soft.
If you don’t believe me, why don’t you win some and judge for yourself? I bought this fabric in an Etsy store called PatternCrush. I was actually looking for some pink Cotton Couture solid (Yes. Pink. Again), when I thought I’d pick up something else as well. Just to get the envelope filled, you know (Any excuse to buy fabric is good, right?).
And I haven’t regretted it. Owner Samantha turned out to be a supernice lady who sews up beautiful garments for herself and her daughter.
Here is a little selection of some of the fabrics PatternCrush is carrying:
Samantha is as crazy about the Valley Azure fabric as I am (she’s sewing a skirt for herself in it as we speak), and she wants you to become just as hooked! She’s giving away two yards of this gorgeous fabric to a lucky StraightGrain reader.
All you need to do is use the rafflecopter widget below to like PatternCrush and StraightGrain on Facebook. The contest ends in one week.
Samantha is also generously offering a 10% discount code to StraightGrain readers – just use the code *straightgrain* as you checkout. The code expires in a week (simultaneously with the end of the contest). You might also be interested in her end-of-the-bolt section, which includes many recently released fabrics at 25% off.
Good luck!

Click here to enter


32 thoughts on “Azure dress + GIVE-AWAY

  1. Die Ava is een popje, echt! En wat het jurkje betreft: prachtig ontwerp, ik ben niet zo voor babyjurkjes (wegens te groot kind-in-zak-gehalte) maar deze is echt heel mooi… Ik zou het kopen, dat patroon.

  2. This dress is great, An! My girls and I were ooo-ing and awww-ing over that baby! and that foot! and that dress! i love the neon piping. perfection!

  3. Sweet dress and yes Ava is a doll, beautiful face, big eyes and it looks like she is getting some curls in her hair. So adorable, dress and baby!

  4. Awel, ik was daarstraks nog aan 't denken: dit model zou net zo goed een 9-jarige kunnen passen. En misschien zelfs een 10-jarige… Ik overweeg om heel mijn planning om te gooien, en hiervan mijn volgend patroon (na de slaapzak) te maken. En zeggen dat dit ontwerp er oorspronkelijk eigenlijk helemaal anders uitzag, en het huidige idee eigenlijk maar ontstaan is doordat ik stommiteit moest rechtzetten 🙂

  5. een heel mooi kleedje, mooi accent van dat oranje boordje,
    en wat een leuke fotoshoot,
    ik heb hetzelfde gedacht om voor dochter 2 geen kleedjes te maken, maar je kan er toch niet aan weerstaan hé, leuk,
    zus 3

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