Organic voile love + GIVE-AWAY (2 yards of Cloud 9)

It’s so odd how sometimes, seemingly unrelated things turn out to be connected.

As you might remember, a few months ago, I received a gorgeous piece of fabric from Tara, in the context of the series Mailbox Surprise. It was a Cloud 9 voile – a cotton with a very fine thread count, making it almost sheer. I was completely in love with the fabric, and it got me addicted to voile instantly. Thanks again, Tara!
Shortly after, I was looking for the Birch Charley Harper fabric for this duvet cover. It was sold out in most places, but I did find some in the Etsy shop Finch Sewing Studio. After ordering it, I received an enthusiastic message from shop owner Nicole. Turned out that Tara had bought the viole she sent me in Nicole’s brick and mortar shop! What are the odds?
Later, I also turned to Nicole’s shop to sooth my new addiction to voile, and to pink. I had been eyeing the Cloud 9 Palos Verdes line for weeks, and I pre-ordered two yards from it as soon as I could. I knew Palos Verdes fabrics would be perfect for a dress for Ava. They use pink, but not the stereotypical children’s pink. The fabrics are cute, but not childish. 

The pattern I drew is a modification of the dress I have made a few times already. This time, however, I put buttons in the back instead of at the shoulders. I also added a peter pan collar.

The photo shoot was quite the challenge! Ava kept pulling up her dress, putting her feet in her mouth, and squirming the peter pan collar out of position. (Yes, that’s a foot in the left picture – she doesn’t have 3 arms)

And then there were the frequent diaper gates…

I’m so happy with the result! The fabric looks exactly as I hoped it would on Ava.

The give-away
First, a bit more on Nicole’s shopFinch Sewing Studio is a boutique knitting and sewing ship with modern fabric, quality yarn, cool tools, designer patterns, and fun, on-trend classes for all ages and interests. They carry a curated selection of great quality fabrics including, Nani Iro, Cloud9, Birch, Alexander Henry, Art Gallery, and more. Here are some of my own favorites:

Now, as Nicole and I were connected through this magical coincidence, we knew we had to do something fun together. And so, Nicole is generously giving away 2 yards of Palos Verde fabrics of choice to one lucky StraightGrain reader! The winner can pick 2 yards (2 x 1 yd or 1 x 2 yds) from the following fabrics:

 The only thing you need to do to win, is use the Rafflecopter widget below to:

– Like Finch Sewing Studio on Facebook 
– Like StraightGrain on Facebook
– optional: Visit the FinchSewingStudio shop, and mention your favorite fabric from the store in the comments section below.
As usual, this is an international contest. It will be open for 10 days.

Warning: Winning these fabrics can lead to an addiction to voile fabrics. Participation at own risk.

171 thoughts on “Organic voile love + GIVE-AWAY (2 yards of Cloud 9)

  1. There are so many grate print, but these 2 are some thing extra
    La Venta – Organic Cotton Voile Fabric – Palos Verdes – Leslie Shrewing for Cloud9
    Geos Bright Mandarin – Meadow by Leah Duncan- Art Gallery Fabrics
    and this one
    Abalone Cove – Organic Cotton Voile Fabric – Palos Verdes – Leslie Shrewing for Cloud9
    mail a docksjo dot com

  2. The Heather Ross Frog Pond is adorable but I think my favorite is the zebra print on thermal waffle fabric. That would make great kid pjs!

  3. My favorite fabric for some reason isn't in their online shop. It is a beautiful navy blue fabric with cream hearts on it (gave away that they are local).

  4. It's a tough call between the Lovely Fox – Organic Cotton Fabric – Yay Day – Pink Foxes – Emily Isabella for Birch Fabrics and the Savana Glow Mint – Meadow by Leah Duncan- Art Gallery Fabrics, which I spotted a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for hosting! 🙂

  5. Uh yeah. I also have the voile affliction. And thanks to your post a few days ago, I just bought half yard bundle and some yardage of the Palos Verdes collection today. So thanks. You can expect a phone call from my husband.
    From Finch Sewing Studio I would totally grab some of that Nani Iro woodblock pocho! Another expensive obsession of mine!

  6. eek, so many pretty things! i love the fabric you chose for Ava – she is exquisite. i also love Gentle Breeze Beige – Meadow by Leah Duncan, Leas Bloom Blush – Meadow by Leah Duncan and Florascape Marigold – Meadow by Leah Duncan.

  7. I love Summer Grove by Night by Leah Duncan – but I also REALLY REALLY love palos verdes voile! I've seen it in person and it's amazing. What a fantastic giveaway, thanks An and Nicole (and Tara!).

  8. I like this one:
    Vintage Heather Gray Solid Modal Cotton Spandex Blend Knit Fabric
    boring I know 😉 but of course I love voile, rayon challis and Nani Iro, too


  9. I am lucky enough to be able to visit The Finch Sewing Studio in person. I love all of her fabric but the nano iro double gauzes are probably my favorite.

  10. Heel veel mooie stofjes het is echt moeilijk kiezen, maar ik ben toch de grootste fan van de cardinal stagger stof. Zou supermooi zijn om een dekentje uit te maken!

  11. Ik vind La Venta heel mooi. Het is wel leuk om jouw dochtertje te zien in zo een mooi kleedje. Mijn kleinste meisje van bijna 4maand lijkt eigenlijk wel goed op Ava.

    Groetjes Margo

  12. I love the red floral Emily Isabella Birch print! Although that Heather Ross print with the frogs is really cute, too. 🙂 I've been following your blog for a couple of months now and I really love the things you have made! 🙂

  13. I absolutly love the Gentle Breeze Red – Grove by Day – Meadow by Leah Duncan- Art Gallery Fabrics.
    I would love to win and get 2 yrds of the Abalone Cove – Organic Cotton Voile Fabric – Palos Verdes – Leslie Shrewing for Cloud9 🙂

  14. My favorite is the Gentle Breeze Red – Grove by Day – Meadow by Leah Duncan- Art Gallery Fabrics.
    Can you pls send me 2 yrds of the Abalone Cove – Organic Cotton Voile Fabric – Palos Verdes – Leslie Shrewing for Cloud9, I really want to win this! 🙂

  15. SO MANY beautiful prints and fabrics, but the one that caught my eye was Cardinal Stagger FLANNEL – Organic Cotton Fabric – Charley Harper for Birch Fabrics

  16. An, oh my! She looks like a perfect little doll! I just want to hug her!!! Oh, and way to go… I headed over to Nicole's shop and just picked up two yards of Palos Verdes. If I win, I will pick up more, haha!


  17. My favorite is the La Venta voile. I've actually had my eye on this particular fabric for weeks. I gasped with delight when I saw it in your giveaway choices. It would be crazy fate if I win 🙂

  18. okay… so I'm ventured into sewing clothes… and knits, I'm getting to be more at-home with.
    I'm fond of cozy flannel, have made Halloween costumes, drapes….towels, fleece blankets…
    I'm even a quilter…

    so… like… what is voile? I'd love to find out! … I keep reading about it!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. I love them all, but I do like the Leas Bloom Blush. I just bought my first patten, the Hanami Dress/top, I would love some beautiful fabric the make a dress for my little girl. 😉

  20. I love the Miraleste…..also in the Palos Verdes collection! I guess it's inspired by spring, and my daughters love of anything pink!

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