My awesome new job

A few weeks ago, Frances of the renowned Japanese fabric webshop Miss Matatabi asked me to be a monthly contributor to her blog. Together with three amazing creative women – Angela, Cherie, and Leslie – I’ll be sewing something with new fabrics of Frances’ store every month. You can meet the Miss Matatabi Makers here.

As a huge admirer of Frances and an incredible fan of Japanese fabric (Nani Iro! Echino! Any other Japanese fabric brand in fact!), this is a dream come true, of course. Thank you so much, dear Frances.

Today, I’m presenting my first MMM creation on Frances’ blog. It is a dress in a fabric I don’t think you have seen anywhere else. For now, that is, because I suspect it’ll be all over the blogosphere in no time.

The pattern, on the other hand, is not quite new. My sincere apologies for boring you with another Hanami dress – I won’t be making any more in the coming month – promise!

Or maybe just one.


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