Pink love

As you might have noticed, pink is not my favorite color. I almost never use pink fabrics.  It’s not that I hate them, but it is just that pink is everywhere already when it comes to girls’ clothes. (That is why, when I started blogging two years ago, I actually considered naming by blog FuckPink. True story). And I love bold and bright colors so much (Belgian style, baby! ;-)). 
But that little Ava of mine… she just rocks pink! For some reason, she looks incredibly cute in it. Is it her dark hair? Her porcelyn skin? Her rosy cheeks? I have no idea, but what I do know is that I’m incredibly drawn to pink fabrics now.

The dress I’m showing today uses a fabric which I bought exactly a year ago. It was sold in a very weird shop, and had no brand name on it. But the quality is incredible: it has a very fine thread count, is soft and light, and can probably best be described as a cotton voile. I bought two meters of it, and sent one of it to my friend Rachel – more about that at the end of this post.

So far, I made two dress for Ava (this one and this one). Back then, I drew the patterns rather hastily, and only in Ava’s size, but they fit perfectly. This time, as I plan to release this pattern later this year (with some more options), I decided to make a digital patterns for ages 1 to 24 months, based on my pattern drawing handbook. I knew that this handbook significantly overestimates kids’ measurements, so I picked one size too small for Ava. Unfortunately, it is still too big, and Ava looks like a rugby player in it.

Still, I couldn’t resist sharing these pics. She’ll grow into it in no time.
I combined the fabric with golden piping I bought at Julija’s.

So as I mentioned, I also sent a meter of this fabric to Rachel from Stitched Together, in the context of the Mailbox Surprise series. Today, she’s showing off the dress she made from it for her gorgeous daughter Tarikua. Check it out here, now!


10 thoughts on “Pink love

  1. I almost spit my drink across the room when I read that first paragraph… hilarious! I have a love/hate relationship with pink, but it certainly is unavoidable with little girls. The dress is darling!

  2. I felt the same about pink when I had my daughter. I told people not to buy her pink everything. I wanted to be sure that she wasn't just a pink baby doll. However pink is unavoidable. There are not many neutral colors for babies readily available.

    I remember one day waiting at the doctor's office when a woman asked me if I was expecting a boy because my daughter was wearing green and yellow. Ugh. I just took it and said “we love all the colors”.

    One day

  3. HAHA! I had the same feelings about pink but my daughter came out girly and has forced me to love it. It really does look gorgeous on your daughter and Rachel's both!

  4. Ha, I love it! When I was pregnant I refused to tell anybody what we were having because I didn't want to be given lots of pink things. Still, various shades of the color have found their way throughout the house, mostly via hand-me down clothes and toys, but I confess also through my sewing. Sigh.

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