CLOSED – Call for pattern testers: Sleep sack

Edit: the call for testers has been closed. Thank you to all 240 volunteers who applied!

I’m finally finishing up the test version of my next pattern. Not a garment pattern this time, but one for a sleep sack. As usual, I’m hoping to find some lovely testers who can help me make this pattern perfect.

About the pattern
– sleep sack in three sizes: 0-6 months // 6-12 months // 12-24 months
– hidden zipper at the side; straps close with button
– piped detail, which you can choose to include or leave off
– no difficult steps, ideal for sewists with little experience
– supplies needed: hidden zipper (around 60 cm Β or 23 inches); two mid-sized buttons; cotton for main, lining and batting (size of each (quilting width fabric: 6mo & 1y: 1 yard or 90 cm // 2y: 1 and 1/4 yards or 1 meter)

About the testing procedure
– around 20 testers will be involved
– they receive the test version of the pattern this Friday
– they will have 2 weeks to finish the sleep sack and submit their feedback
– those who have a blog will be asked to be part of pattern tour
– all testers receive the final version of the pattern as well

About the testers’ profile
– it is not necessary to have a baby – okay if you would like to make it as a baby shower gift for instance. However, of course I will need a minimum number of testers who can fit the sack on a baby or toddler.
– you do not need to be an experienced sewist – I would like to have a mixture of testers with different levels
– you do not need to have experience with using piping or hidden zippers
– you do not need to have a blog

If you would like to test this pattern and the instructions, please fill in the registration form below. Thank you so much in advance!

29 thoughts on “CLOSED – Call for pattern testers: Sleep sack

  1. Ik zou als 'groentje' in de stiel heel graag het patroon testen. Heb me alvast al ingeschreven :-).
    Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  2. O zo jammer, ik zou dat graag doen, maar ik zit in transitie zone. Net verhuisd naar Italie, en heb mijn Koreaanse naaimachines moeten achterlaten. Hier nog geen nieuwe kunnen aankopen, want nog geen huis … Dju toch!

  3. I would love to test this pattern, so I send in a registration And as my little boy is 16 month, I would be very happy to try one for him πŸ™‚
    As I was too fast filling in the registration, I forgot the piping point, yes I would do it with piping in front.

  4. So pretty! I wish I had this pattern when my kids were babies – the sleep sacks were so much loved around here (and allowed me to sleep much better – no worries). My brother in law will welcome his first baby this fall, so I'm sure this will be on my list πŸ™‚

  5. Dit komt als geroepen. Ik geef me dan ook graag op om het patroontje tetesten.
    Mijn naaimaatje is net zwanger…lijkt mij een mooi geboortekadotje.
    Heb me alvast opgegeven.

  6. I added my name to the registration, signing up for a 0-6 month size. I have a baby girl on the way- she'll be here in June. But, I also have twin 2 year old boys. I could test the largest size if you need that instead.

  7. Hi An,
    I happen to be needing a new sleep sack for my daughter who is about to turn 2. She still sleeps in one at night and has now outgrown her baby sleep sack. I was trying to imagine how I could design one, but I would much rather make yours!


  8. Al een idee wanneer het patroontje te koop zal zijn?
    Een goede vriendin beviel net van een zoontje en ik ben dus dringend op zoek naar een goed patroontje ;o))

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