Three-torial: Improvisational pleating (#1)

As you may remember from a previous post, I suffer from a severe case of voile addiction. So when I had the opportunity to work with the gorgeous new voiles of Birch’s Flight collection, I didn’t hesitate. I decided to write a tutorial on the pleating technique I used before, and I was on such a roll, that I came up with two more techniques.

The fabrics are on their way to stores in the US as we speak, and they will hit European stores later. The voiles are amazing to work with, and perfect for Spring/Summer garments. In addition to the three colors I used (Dust, Mineral, and Paprika), they also come in grey (“River Rock“).

You can find all three tutorials here. In the next three days, I’ll be sharing some more pictures of the three dresses, starting with the Hanami dress today.

Fabric: Birch Flight Voile in Mineral
Pattern: Hanami
Pleating technique: Origami Path


11 thoughts on “Three-torial: Improvisational pleating (#1)

  1. You're so right about voile. I made beautiful things out of it for my daughter when I was first starting out sewing… the fabric is perfect for warm weather play. I will look out for these new designs.

    As Monica said, Nora has turned from cute munchkin into a beautiful little girl (and still cute!). Another reminder that time passes.

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