This dress was finished weeks ago, but I’ve been postponing blogging about it because I’m not entirely happy with it. It is a little experiment for a new pattern, but it needs some adaptations. 
I personally feel like I added too much ease to the sleeves. They are also a bit too wide, I think. And the waist should perhaps be a bit lower.
What do you guys think?
Fabrics: local brick & mortar store (sand); Strass outlet (neon pink)


36 thoughts on “Semi-succes

  1. I think the sleeves are great, but it would be fun to have a shorter sleeve option (especially for the summer) Overall though I think it looks great 🙂 (btw totally miss your posts!)

  2. ik zou de -iets verkleinde- mouwen er schuin inzetten op een prinsessenbelijning, de taille zou ik niet verlagen, maar wel het lijfje versmallen … het lijkt op iets dat ik voor mijn dochter gemaakt heb uit een knippie van 2012 – dit had echter geen taille, maar was een a-lijn met de mouwtjes er schuin in gestikt …
    Ik vind het trouwens een erg geslaagd kleedje en hou erg van de stoffen- en kleurencombinatie !

  3. It's pretty. I think neckline is a little high and bodice could be a bit more fitted:) contrast coloured ties could look sweet where sleeve meets bodice- long ones…

  4. I like the high waistline too ! I love a high-waisted silouhette on little ones. I think the waist just needs to fit a little better and the sleeves be a bit shorter to balance it out. Also, I'm not eaxcvaly sure what you mean by 'ease'? Do you mean how much fabric is gathered in?

  5. yes! love it! yes I agree there is something to do with the bodice: it is too “in between”: it should be either higher or lower!!:) lov ethe sleeves. I also think the neckline is a bit too close to the neck. but all in all it is great and I am sure it will turn out perfect!:)

  6. It's very pretty! Agree with a couple others that the neckline needs to be lowered a bit and waistline either needs to be raised or lowered – agree it's in a weird spot now. It's looking really nice though, carry on!!

  7. I have been wanting a pattern like this for ages! I think the waist should be a little lower and the sleeves should have a bit more gather (but not too much) to them and the neck should be just a little bit more scooped. But I love it!

  8. I love it, An! I agree with the other comments; lower neckline, narrower bodice. I'm unsure though if the length of the bodice needs to be changed or not. Can't wait for the pattern!

  9. De taille verlagen is inderdaad een optie, of misschien tussen lijfje en rok een strook toevoegen? (maar dat komt eigenlijk op hetzelfde neer hé…) Ik denk dat de vlindermouwtjes dan mooier uitkomen.

  10. This is great. Before I read your post I was wondering where the pattern was from so I could make one. I would just lower the neckline. It seems like it is standing up because its so close to the neck, or maybe if it was applied to just the inside it would lay flatter? Anyways, I think it could be a real winner.

  11. Thanks Sara! The sleeves actually do not have any gathering – that is what makes this pattern stand out from others. But you just handed me the idea to have two versions – a gathered and a non-gathered one :-)))

  12. Thanks Kelli! So silly of me not to have noticed how high that neck line is in the pics. It has the same neck line as the Hanami, so I apparently just pulled the straps too tight in the back neck. Oops!

  13. I like the idea of sloping the sleeves in a bit more, and maybe a little less butterfly-like 🙂 That would maybe make it a little more fitted around the bottom of the bodice as well or at least not like quite as wide! I think with those adjustments, the waist is good where it is 🙂

  14. gosh, it's a super tough call. when you take gorgeous photos it's difficult to see the negatives of a dress. I can't wait to see more versions of it. <3


  15. I love the concept and I agree with those who have commented about lowering the neckline a bit and a more fitted bodice. Maybe if the princess seams were a little more pronounced? I was wondering, too, about shaping the sleeve piece slightly differently. Wide at the shoulder and curving to narrower toward the waist with a bit of a concave curve rather than continuing the convex all the way to the waist. Just my thoughts. I'm sure the finished pattern will be gorgeous! 🙂

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