Having my cake and eating it too (+ FABRIC GIVE-AWAY)

Last year, making a Carnival’s outfit for Norah was so simple. It was her first Carnival ever, and she would have been happy with pretty much anything. She loved the butterfly costume I made her.

One year later, things are much more complicated. She’s part of this very cute circle of friends in her class, and peer influence has effectively neutralized our efforts to raise her in a gender-neutral way. The other day, Norah summarized it so well: “Mom, I like princesses, elves, butterflies, fairies, and ballerinas”. And all the above, preferably in a pink outfit, of course.

And so this year, she wanted to be dressed as a princess on Carnival’s day. As I have less sewing time than ever with a baby in the house, I had no interest in spending hours on a dress which would only be worn once. So the plan was to buy a camp, cheap princess outfit in a toy store.

However, it soon turned out that these ugly outfits only start in size 4-6 years, which would be way too big for Norah. Enter a cunning plan: making a princess dress which could later be downtuned to a sweet Summer’s dress.

I used my Hanami pattern once again, leaving off the collar and flutter sleeves. I made a separate gathered skirt in tulle, which Norah could wear on top of the dress on Carnival’s day. I also added flutter sleeves in tulle, but instead of stitching them between the main bodice and lining, I stitched them in the armholes all the way at the end. I used a longer stitch length, so I could remove them more easily after Carnival.

So this is the result: rather campy princess dress at Carnival…

… cute little Summer’s dress the next day.

Let’s try that again: Carnival’s day…

… and the day after:

The dress is still a bit too big, so it will fit perfectly this Summer.

Now how about that beautiful fabric? It was part of the stock of the Belgian luxury clothing brand Scapa. It has a very fine weave, and little sequins stitched on it here and there. So lovely to work with.

So where did I find this exclusive fabric? Glad you ask! Every Tuesday night, I sew together with four friends. One of them, Katelijne, recently started a fabric webshop, in which she sells fabrics from top quality clothing brands like Scapa, Fragile, Strass, Atelier Assemblé, Stefan Schneider, Maan, Annemie Verbeke, and Caroline Mampay. Mon Depot sells fabrics which you cannot find anywhere else online! Katelijne runs the shop together with her husband, Stijn, and they’re doing such a great job at it. They have been working very hard in the past months, but it is paying off: MonDepot is very popular here in Belgium, and the rest of the world will follow soon, I’m sure. Here is Katelijne in a creation made from one of her fabrics (Stefan Schneider):

Katelijne and Stijn are also incredibly generous. They’re giving a €50 Mon Depot voucher (appr. $70)
to one StraightGrain reader! What do you need to do to win? Use the Rafflecopter widget below, to:
– Like MonDepot on Facebook
– Like StraightGrain on Facebook
Optional: Mention in the comments section which clothing brand or designer you woud like Katelijne to add fabrics from to her webshop (so, a clothing brand, not a fabric brand!)

The give-away is open to international participants, but keep in mind that shipping outside of Belgium is not free (click here for the rates) and that the voucher can only be used to buy fabrics, not for covering the shipping costs.

The contest is open for 1 week. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


61 thoughts on “Having my cake and eating it too (+ FABRIC GIVE-AWAY)

  1. Fred & Ginger, CKS, Van Hassels hebben altijd mooie prints en kwaliteiten van stof. Maar ik denk ook aan American Outfitters, Bellerose….de Belgische klassiekers dus 😉

  2. oooooh! Absolutely love love love all StraightGrain creations (huuuuuge fan! – especially adore the Tiny Pattern), and I ordered already several times at Mon Depot – very good service, and high quality fabrics. And as already mentioned above, bring on the Fred&Ginger fabrics! 🙂 🙂

  3. Wat een leuk jurkje! En multifunctioneel! Ik doe mee met de mondepot give away. Als er stoffen van te krijgen zouden zijn, zou ik graag stofjes zien van F&G of Filou!

  4. Goh, als ik jullie voorraadkamer zou mogen vullen zou dat zijn met stofjes van: Fred en Ginger, Van Hassels, Petit Filou, JBC (ja JBC, ik vind dat er daar leuke printjes ook tussen zitten, de studio 100 achterwege gelaten) en Dries Van Nooten (we mogen ook eens luidop dromen é). Ik kijk er naar uit!

  5. Ook ik zie de bovengenoemde merkjes graag: F&G, Van Hassels, King Louie, Who's that girl,… En lily balou absoluut ook, die kwam ik nog niet tegen!

  6. Superleuk, heb mijn eerste bestelling ook al gedaan, maar de suggesties van hierboven, daar kan ik me ook in vinden. Filou, fred en ginger, van hassels, cks!

  7. Ow wow wat een mooie give away! fan van mon depot (zoveelste bestelling komt hier morgen binnen) dus doe graag mee en lucy has a secret heeft ook mijn stem 🙂

  8. Oesje, eerste comment blijkbaar opgegeten door het systeem. Tweede keer goeie keer?
    Ik ben fan (van jullie natuurlijk) van de stofjes die gebruikt worden in de collecties van Van Hassels – zowel dames als kinderen, leuk leuk leuk!
    Of Halé Bob, lekkerrrr zwoel, maar misschien moeilijk te verkrijgen…
    Groetjes en doe zo voort, mie laaik.

    Eveline Van Oystaeyen

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