Charley’s duvet cover

When Birch’s Charley Harper line was announced many months ago, I must admit that I had never heard of this iconic artist. You could blame it on my general lack of cultural capital, but let’s just pretend for the sake of my ego that Charley Harper is just not very famous outside the US. Like ‘Big in Belgium’, but in reverse.

A few months later, I’m a huge fan, for so many reasons. One is that his work reminds me so much of the modernist American architecture which I really like. I visited one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s houses on a trip a few years ago, and every time is see a Charley Harper fabric – I mean work of art – I automatically think back to that visit.

When the fabrics finally came out, my eye immediately fell on one fabric in particular: White Breasted Nuthatch. The fresh color combination and of course the brilliant artwork made me want to buy it instantly. But what to make from it? The large and geometric print makes it less straightforward to use in a dress or skirt.

So I went for a duvet cover. Quilting width yardage is too narrow for a duvet cover, so I added a panel of Twig Fall (also from the Charley Harper line) to the sides. Serging everything together, some buttons at the bottom, and voila! It takes less time to make than a dress, and Norah will enjoy it for years (let’s just hope that pink-phase will be over as quickly it began).

I bought both fabrics from two wonderful Etsy stores. Nuthatch is from FinchSewingStudio, and Twig Fall from CedarHouse Fabrics.

Good night, Norah! Good night, Charley.


10 thoughts on “Charley’s duvet cover

  1. Hi 🙂
    Beautiful fabric.
    I have just made a quilt inspired by your faux quilt with piping. Loved the idea of piping and tried it for the first time to day.It was så much fun. Thanks! I tributed you in my blog.
    Ellen 🙂

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