A quick birthday dress

A few days ago, Norah turned four. A birthday dress was due, but it had to be a quick project.

Luckily, fabrics with big prints combine best with simple designs, so I had the perfect excuse to just go for a simple bodice+skirt dress. I used the Hanami pattern once again (sorry about that, but Norah just wears that drop waist so well). I left off the flutter sleeves and used a hidden zipper in the back.

The fabric is Park Landscape from Michael Miller. Because Norah was so fond of her deer dress, which is way too short now, I had been looking for a similar wildlife print several times over the past months, but never found anything I liked. But then a few weeks ago, I bumped into this one on Etsy when I was looking for something completely different. The shop where I bought it from, Jean Marie’s Fabrics, was a great find. Shop owners Shawna and Winona Jean are super nice, and I just love it when Etsy shops spontaneously refund any overcharged shipping costs. Not for the money; simply for the kind gesture.

A birthday also means a new crown for Norah. Every year I make a crown in a new fabric, and an assorted bunting. This year I used Echino Decoro Rhino in Mustard (from FabricWorm).

The number four is made from velveteen iron-on foil from Noeks.

No birthday party without a campy birthday cake! Norah picked a picture from one of her favorite Tiny books to be printed onto her cake.

Ava, meanwhile, reached her own milestone yesterday: her first solid food! Next milestone: effectively swallowing the stuff. In the picture below, there’s more mashed vegetables on her face than ended up in her stomach.


23 thoughts on “A quick birthday dress

  1. Happy Birthday Norah! You look lovely in your new dress and I also love your cake!! That was one of my favourite books when I was a little girl too!! :))))

  2. Oh An! I'm in a pickle now! This is so lovely that I may have to 'knock it off'….apologies..but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! And that means more in my sewing queue…Perhaps a birthday dress for Missy's 4th birthday in 6 weeks time. They're getting so grown up now!

  3. Wow! I'm so jealous of your sewing skills and what gorgeous fabrics, of course you have a very beautiful model too. My baby daughter Molly has very similar colouring to Norah but she turned 18 this week so even if my sewing skills improve, I don't think she will want me making her pretty dresses!!!

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