A Lotta for Ava

After my first babydresspatterndraftingexperience went rather well, I was eager to sew up another one. This time, I took pictures of each step, which I can use to for the instructions which will accompany the pattern.
Yes, that’s right: I’m still living in this phantasy land where I think I can combine taking care of two kids with a demanding job in a different country, and a pattern business.

I really wanted to use a white fabric this time, as it suits dark-haired children so well. And, this will be one of my last chances to use the black hair/white fabric combination, as Ava is steadily turning into a blonde! Underneath her beautiful black hair, a new layer of blonde, almost white hair is appearing. The black hair will probably start falling out soon. Question is: in which pattern will it fall out? Will Ava look like a skunk in a few weeks? Or more like a dalmatian? Or a Malayan tapir?

The main fabric is Lotta, Jansdotter’s Glimma Tove in Slate –  a left-over from Norah’s bean bag. The little strip of yellow fabric is Korkek in Dandelion, also from the Glimma line.

In case the pictures aren’t already clear enough: Ava has been growing well. In length, but especially in, ahem, width. She’s well above the average curve weightwise. If she continues like this, I will to have to buy a wide-angle lense.


17 thoughts on “A Lotta for Ava

  1. She looks beautifull and healthy! Don't worry, baby fat usually disappears when they start crawling and walking. In the mean time you'll have the opportunity to design clothes for a slightly chubbier baby than Norah ever was…

  2. She looks beautiful and healthy! Don't worry about the baby fat, that usually disappears when they start crawling and walking about. In the mean time you get the opportunity to design some clothes for a chubbier baby than Norah ever was.

  3. Moh! Zo'n schattig bolletje, en die kleurencombinatie vind ik echt het einde, ik zou er nooit aan denken voor een baby, maar het staat haar super! Ik heb een kersvers nichtje, ik prik het idee in mijn hoofd! (Of op mijn pinboard, da's misschien handiger.)

  4. She's adorable! Found through a pin for your blog, she reminds me of my 9yo as a baby with that dark hair! Her's did not fall out, she just started getting highlights about 3yo and she and her sister are a blend of my dark and hubby's light LOL! Going to have a look around your blog now!

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