The non-dress

A few weeks ago, I finally found the time to test out an idea which had been in my mind for a long time: a boat neck with piping. As I was cutting my fabrics, I realised that this wasn’t really a great idea for a Winter outfit, as Norah’s t-shirt(s) would be peaking from under the boat neck.  

So I decided to add a little triangle at the shoulders.

While the triangle was just an impromptu solution to a problem, I must say that I like this version better than the orignal idea. Norah, on the other hand, does not like the blouse. A bit of a surprise, as I picked a fabric in her favorite color.

“What is it you don’t like about this top?”
Norah: “That it is not a dress”.

The pattern for this non-dress is an adaptation of the Tinny pattern: I lengthened the sleeves, changed the neck line, changed the  bodice, and replaced the blind zipper with buttons in the back. (Yes, I’m using the term “adaptation” in its widest possible meaning here, as nothing really was left of the original pattern.)

I’m happy with how the neck line turned out, but the blouse is too narrow at the bottom. Reason for   this is that I didn’t have enough fabric: this Veritas fabric is only sold in 75 x 100 cm pieces, and I was already halfway my project when I realised that that wouldn’t be enough. I also didn’t have enough width for gathering the fabric at the chest; I solved it by gathering only in the middle, with the help of some shirring.

As the fabric doesn’t really wash up well (white marks all over, and the fabric stays rather stiff), I don’t think this top will be worn a lot…


26 thoughts on “The non-dress

  1. Soooo cute! And it's something of a relief that there are other girls out there who are very determined about their clothes. my daughter (4) will only wear long dresses. And we all know, these are highly practicable and easy to find.
    Have a wonderful new year!

  2. Heel mooi geheel! Jammer dat je kleine meid het bloesje niet ziet zitten. Ik gebruikte deze stof al eerder. Wasverzachter en een beurt in de droogkast kunnen helpen om de wat stevige stof zachter te maken. Witte strepen zag ik nog nooit. Je vindt deze stof trouwens ook in een gele versie bij Veritas én die verkopen ze daar op de rol aan de lopende meter. Ik gebruikte beide versies voor een tas. Kijk maar even op mijn blog.

  3. I think you have found a solution to a problem I have and I am a grandmother! I don't like the shoulder part sticking out of boat-neck tops and your triangle is a perfect idea!

  4. Hello, I just came across your website. The dresses and the tops are lovely. And these colourful fabrics…they make the clothes even more cute.
    Looking at them is just so inspiring!

  5. Hier had ik hetzelfde probleem met de brilletjesstof voor een hemdje: stug en witte strepen na het wassen. De tip van Juffertje ivm wasverzachter en droogkast zou kunnen helpen, maar uit principe heb/gebruik ik dat niet dus ik weet niet of het dan idd beter is. Ik vind het topje prachtig, de halslijn is super!

  6. Oh, I love your boat-neck solution – perfectly suited for winter time!
    It's quite a pity it won't be worn much – both the design and the print are amazing, but if she's like my girl, she will only pick “soft” clothes (everything else gets a good excuse for not been worn).

  7. oh, I have so had this same scenario. My daughter picks the fabric, things don't go as planned, I kinda like how it turns out, but the fabric washes horribly. Boo. But I do love what you did with the neckline! Piping!

  8. Bedankt voor de tip! Wasverzachter gebruik ik ook, een droogkast niet. Maar die gebruik ik ook niet voor stoffen van andere merken, en die blijven wel mooi en zacht. Ik vrees dat dit gewoon zeer slechte kwaliteit is. Voor een tas is dat minder erg, natuurlijk.
    Hier in Antwerpen is de blauwe stof nergens op de rol te vinden (andere Maaike Boot stoffen dan weer wel).

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