Brain degeneration at age 33

I’ve been doing nothing but stupidities during the last couple of months. My doctor says it’s exhaustion. Being exhausted after having a baby? Seriously?

These stupidities – forgetting appointments, mixing things up, making bad decisions, wounding family members – affect me in many activities. These include sewing, as proves the story of Norah’s new Winter coat (for which I used this pattern).

It started with the fabric choice. Solid yellow, for a jacket for a child who plays in a sandbox at school everyday? The average 90-year-old Alzheimer patient would know better.

Of course, after day 1, the coat had mud stains all over. According to Norah, this was because a boy spat on it. Mmmmmm. If that is true, I would strongly recommend this boy to eat less sand.

After cleaning the coat, I thought I’d speed up the drying process by putting a hot iron on the front. Of course, the wool started felting immediately. Well done, Einstein!

But things also went wrong when I was cutting the pattern pieces. For instance, I made rather wide pocket flaps, with the intention of making them more narrow after I’d have a chance to measure the flaps on the previous version of this coat. Evidently, I ended up attaching them without measuring first, and now the coat has flaps which are completely out of proportion. Hurray for me.

I’m happy with the sleeve flaps, though. Piping is never a bad idea.

Despite all the stupid mistakes I made, Norah is crazy about her coat. Firstly because it has real pockets instead of the faux ones of last year’s version, and secondly because I lined it with some sheep-esque kind of fabric. In between the yellow and the sheep is a layer of Quilter’s Dream Cotton Select, bought here.

In sum, this coat is a failure, but a very warm failure!

(Yellow & sheep: Strass; buttons: Veritas)


40 thoughts on “Brain degeneration at age 33

  1. Ah that's lovely! And yes, I'm afraid mum-of-two-dementia is something you will probably have to get used to! I went to an important meeting today, smartly dressed, all prepared, turned up at the office bang on time, only to be met with 'blank looks' – I'd driven to the office in the wrong town!!!
    Producing a coat within the chaos deserves a medal!

  2. Ik begrijp waarom het Norah's favoriete jas is hoor, lekker warm en comfortabel, en dat is toch ook belangrijk. En de stofkeuze is super, zou hem zelf ook kiezen 😉

  3. Funny with the timing of this, looks like I'm not the only one with coat problems! With the red military coat I just finished sewing up somehow when I put the front of the coat together it was off by an inch at the hem! So that had to be redone. Also red wool may not be any better than your yellow… the red wool had it's own set of problems, it created red dust which dyed everything it touched pink, now my white sewing machine is pink, my off-white dress form has some pink, while I was sewing with it the clothes I was wearing got pink stains… there is always something new to learn with sewing…

  4. I too love the coat: piping, pocket flaps, sheepesque lining 'n' all!

    Just think: we all know you're a great sewist plus a couple of little people think you're a goddess! They might never change their mind. It's not a bad place to be!

  5. I can relate so well to your exhaustion (especially in this time of the year …).
    Anyway, the coat is super cute (love love the color) and it looks perfect on her (extra sand and big flaps, included). I'm in the process of making one for my girl and I only wish it could turn out just as cute 🙂

  6. Here's what I've learned…it's never a failure if the recipient loves it. Plus just think, yellow is so easy to spot on the playground so you'll never lose sight of her!

  7. Spitting sand isn't so far fetched. My three year old ate massive amounts of sand and spat it all over my kitchen up until this summer. In a moment of utter defeat and anger I tipped the sandbox over the edge of our deck and ended it all. lol.

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