My Mailbox Surprise

When Marta and Marte asked me to take part in a new series, “Mailbox Surprise“, I didn’t have to think long to say yes. The idea is that you send a little package of fabrics (at least a yard) and supplies to another blogger, and also receive one (from a different blogger) – both assigned by Marta and Marte. Next year, everyone posts the creation(s) they made from the fabric. Fun part: you do not know who’ll be sending you the package until you receive it.

I was sold for this idea right away – if only because I love getting fabrics in even more than getting my paycheck in my mailbox ;-p

Today I’ll be showing off the fabric I’m sending out myself. Marte and Marta advised to pick fabrics which are not available in the receiver’s country of residence. So I set myself the task to find something which can only be found in Belgium.

Two of the fabrics are from the Belgian brand “Sew-be-do”, and as far as I know, you can only buy it
at the Belgian chain store Veritas, which owns the brand. Both prints are from their new line, designed by Dutch designer Maaike Boot. The old-pink fabric is from my stash, and has no brand name on it – I found it in a weird shop in Lier (a tip from Marte).

The bias ribbon is my favorite one (also from Veritas), and goes well with all 3 fabrics. The buttons are from Petit Pan, a French-based brand owned by a Belgian-Chinese designer couple.

Taken together, the fabrics are almost 3 yards – of course, I don’t expect my receiver to use all the items I sent her. I thought I’d just send enough to choose from, so there would be at least 1 thing she’d like. Plus, I’m very fond of the blogger who will receive the package 🙂

Stay tuned for some more posts about this cool series!


6 thoughts on “My Mailbox Surprise

  1. De roze stof is overschot van de stoffen gebruikt door het kindermerk Ma Muse enkele seizoenen geleden. Hun stock werd opgekocht door een overstockwinkel in Lier 'Saldo' die helaas pas falliet is gegaan. 😉 Mooi pakketje! (An)

  2. Ah da's interessant! Ik vroeg me al af hoe zo'n kwaliteitsstof in zo'n marginale winkel terecht was gekomen. Jammer dat ze falliet zijn – ik was eigenlijk van plan om nog eens wat bij te halen van die stof… Merci voor de info!

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