Simple Sewing: Basic tote and book GIVE-AWAY

A while ago, Katie Lewis from The Red Kitchen blog asked me to review her first book, called Simple Sewing. 30 Fast and Easy Projects for Beginners. The digital version she sent me was awesome, so I didn’t hesitate for a second to say yes to her request.
A few days ago, the book was officially published on paper and in a digital version (and sold here, and here, and here, amongst others), and I can warmly recommend it. The title covers very well what the book is about: it contains 30 sewing projects which are very simple and very fast. This makes the book ideal for beginners, but also for people with very little time, like, uhm, I don’t know, women who just had a baby? ;-p)  Basic bags, toys, gifts, burps cloths, pillow covers, … if it’s simple and fast, you’ll find it in Katie’s book.

So far, I made one project from the book: the Basic Tote Bag. The bag is as simple as a bag gets: a couple of rectangles, and two straps. I used an already iconic fabric: Typewriters from the amazing Melody Miller. I bought it over a year ago in this Dutch webshop. Katie’s book explains how to sew your own handles, but I used leather straps (bought in this Korean Etsy store). I think they match the fabric very well, and they turn this very fast project into a super fast project 🙂

As you can see, the book has a very clean and minimalist lay-out. Lots of white, great pictures, and condensed instructions. This is one of the things I like most about the book – books with a messy lay-out or with instructional pictures with a non-white background tend to almost immediately turn me off. 
In a nutshell: if you’re looking for a great book with simple projects for a beginner, or fast projects for a more advanced sewist, buy this book! Or… win it here 🙂 
Katie is giving away a free copy to a StraightGrain follower. All you need to do is enter the RaffleCopter thingy at the bottom of this post.

Also make sure to check out the other projects from Simple Sewing which are being posted today, over at The Southern Institute and Happy Together!

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