BBB (Birch Baby Blanket)

I cannot believe it’s been three weeks since I blogged something substantial. As Ava’s health problems finally seem to be as good as over (she’s been diagnosed with a severe form of cow milk’s allergy, and since a few days, she’s finally on the right diet), I hope to be able to sew and blog a bit more in the coming weeks.

I’ll start fulfilling my good resolutions next Monday, when I will finally share the pattern and tutorial for the baby bean bag. As a warm-up, today I’ll show one of the blankets I sewed before Ava’s birth.

I used two wonderful Birch knits: Elk Fam in Pool and Poppies in Sun, both from the beautiful Elk Grove line. The fabrics are nice and thick, and supersoft. And they wash up so well!

The blanket is as simple as a blanket gets: I took two squares of fabric, rounded off the corners, and stitched them together with piping in between. The piping is made from the yellow fabric.

I love making blankets. They’re fast, easy, and kids never really grow out of them, do they?


17 thoughts on “BBB (Birch Baby Blanket)

  1. Im glad you figured out what was wrong. Both my 2nd and now 3rd child have been allergic to proteins in my breastmilk based on what I was eating. It was incredibly stressful to not know what was wrong all the while continuing to change bloody diapers. I hope everything settles down now for you and you can relax and enjoy her.

  2. I'm glad you figured out. My three kids has cow milk problems. And the little one had problem with the formula too. Now, she is better, it's so good when that they eat is nurturing them.

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