KCW: Fourth and final amber dress

With Ava suffering from very painful cramps and needing constant attention, I haven’t been able to do much sewing in the last couple of weeks. Even blogging about the many things I made in the last weeks before the delivery is something I haven’t been able to get round to.

In one of the few moments Ava has been sleeping on anything else than my shoulder, I did finish a dress for Norah which I started in the days before giving birth to her sister. Hurray! It is the fourth dress in which I used some of that fabulous amber fabric I got addicted to a few months ago.

After using it for the collar and hem of my dear dress, for my Amber Love dress, and for my completely unoriginal knock-off of Rachel’s fabulous Hanami, I now used it for the pockets of a simple A-line dress.

The dress is made in Michael Miller Cotton Couture Grass (bought here), and I also mixed in a bit of teal (hem and piping of the armholes) and pinkreddish (piping of the collar). The dress was a real hit with Norah, simply because of the fact that is had REAL pockets. The first thing she said after she put it on? “Okay, we need to put some stuff (‘spulletjes’) in those pockets!”. Which she did.

Now I just need to get used to emptying those pockets before putting them in the washer. The first time I washed it, I forgot to check, and two weeks later, I’m still finding hair ties, pearls, clips and magnets in my machine and filter. Should have stuck to those faux pockets…


19 thoughts on “KCW: Fourth and final amber dress

  1. Die met de gekleurde staafjes blijft mijn favoriet!
    Maar ze zijn alle drie natuurlijk erg knap.
    Mijn naaimachine staat hier ook behoorlijk stil de laatste tijd.
    Hopelijk komt daar tijdens de herfstvakantie een beetje verandering in ;o)

  2. So sorry to hear of Ava's cramps. We have gone through very awful months with our second baby and have tried all you can imagine.
    I admire you for being able to find time to sew, he just turned 6mo this week and I'm tempted to store my sewing machine…
    Lovely dresses BTW

  3. The dresses are amazing! I love your fabric choices, I'm never so bold. I hope that Ava feels better soon. A baby in pain is heart wrenching for moms. I also hope you are able to sneak in some sleep.

  4. My youngest is a little pocket squirrel too, I'm constantly finding random things clanging around in my washing machine. Love the dresses you've made with the Amber fabric. I hope little Ava feels better soon x

  5. Beautiful dresses, between you and Rachel and Trine over at Groovybaby, I'm reeeeally getting hooked on Amber for fall. So lovely!

    Poor little babe though, good luck with the cramps!

  6. Hang in there, mama, nothing worse than a little one that is suffering. 😦 Dresses are gorgeous! My oldest looks great in amber/brown/rust so you've inspired me to stretch myself out of the rainbow I normally use for sewing. πŸ™‚

  7. Love the dresses! (PS: How did you manage to sew with a newborn? I can't sew a straight line when my kids are awake).
    I might need to check that amber fabric – love the sheen πŸ™‚

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