Two weeks before Ava was born, a friend of mine gave birth to a lovely daughter too. As a little present, I made a sleepsack for baby Rosie in one of my favorite fabrics ever: 1000 Cranes by Rashida Coleman Hale for Cloud 9.

There are many patterns for sleepsacks available online, but almost all of them have a zipper in the front, which is not very pretty. So I decided to draw my own pattern, with a blind zipper in the side seam. The straps close with kamsnaps.Β 
Synthetic batting is not recommended for sleepsacks, so I ordered something I had never used before: Quilters’ Dream Cotton. Quilters’ Dream products are quite hard to find here in Europe, but luckily I found it at Elly Prins Machine Quilting in The Netherlands, who turned out to have an excellent service and superfast delivery.

I’m quite happy with the result, and so was Mr. StraightGrain, who made me the beautiful compliment: “You’re going to give it as a present? For once you make something pretty, and then you’re giving it to someone else?”. Thanks, honey! πŸ™‚

I hope to be making one for Ava soon, and share the pattern and instructions with you!


28 thoughts on “Sleepsack

  1. Oh it looks great and so cozy! I'd love a tutorial/pattern for this! But I imagine you've got your hands quite full, so please take your time πŸ˜‰

  2. Wow, wat mooi! Zowel de stof als het patroon! Een tutorial zou super zijn (hoewel ik me voor kan stellen dat je daar niet zo snel aan toe komt), een vriendin krijgt in januari een baby en haar zou ik er erg blij mee kunnen maken!

  3. Love sleepsacks (I used them so much for all my 3 babies)!
    It's such a great gift (and yes, they do look better without the zipper). Mines were from a well-know french brand, because I couldn't sew at the time …

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