Meet Ava

A week ago, I gave birth to Ava.

Though, when I say I gave birth I’m actually taking too much credit, because this little trooper made her way out practically all by herself.
Ava is a healthy and totally sweet baby, who likes to spend her days asleep in her bed, and her nights awake on dad’s chest.

As we expected, Norah is an extremely proud, caring and gentle big sister.
Can you tell they are sisters?
Brace yourself for many posts about baby blankets in the coming weeks 😉

79 thoughts on “Meet Ava

  1. Oh! I either missed a post or you kept that secret just for you 😉 Well, anyways congrats what a beautie! I wish you and your family a fantastic start in this new chapter of your life!

  2. HOORAY!!! Hello darling Ava!!!! I am so excited to see you and I feel privileged to have known of your coming for some months now!! How special and amazing newborn babies are. Congratulations An to you and your family. Norah will adore her baby sister. Much love xxxxx

  3. Yay!! Congrats to you and your family. Ava is adorable!! I think our daughters' birthdays must be maybe a day or two apart? I hope you're doing well and enjoying lots of snuggles!

  4. Hahaha SURPRISE! Well I did see this in the comments of Cherie's blog a while back and sort of knew, but not how close you were to delivery! Many congratulations, An! Ava is beautiful and Norah is so sweet as big sis. Take care!

  5. We are so happy to see little Ava has made an appearance in the world!!! Yea for sisters!!! Looking forward to many wonderful straight-grain posts about this dynamic duo in the years to come….

  6. Congratulations! I didn't even realize you were expecting. What wonderful photos – yes, Nora is a wonderful big sister and Ava looks like a total clone. 😀

  7. Congrats An. I missed this post when you actually posted it as I've been busy eith our own little 9 week old princess. Ava is just lovely. I adore the pic of sisters together 🙂

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