Amber love

Like many of you, I was completely blown away by Rachel’s Hanami in Anna Maria Horner’s Volumes fabric. And what does a seamstress do when she really loves a garment? She knocks it off, of course!

So I ordered some of the Volumes fabric, and some of the Michael Miller Cotton Couture Amber fabric Rachel used for the skirt and collar, and made my own Volumes Hanami. The beautiful dress was one of the presents Norah got for becoming a big sister. Because the dress is really more Rachel’s work than mine, I will not dedicate a blog post to it.

So what is this post about, then? I liked the color of the solid fabric so much, that I ordered some extra yardage for more projects. Above is a dress made entirely out of the fabric. Also a sleeveless Hanami, with zippered back, and with faux pockets in the front (sorry, Norah!), and two colors of piping. The pockets and piping in the armscyes are made of Kona Curry, and the pinkish piping is made of bias ribbon I bought at Jan de Grote Kleinvakman in Amsterdam last year.

Doing a decent photo shoot is not really an option at the moment, so again, I settled for a pic on a hanger. By the way: the Cotton Couture fabric is amazing! Soft, not too stiff, great color quality… my new favorite! A dress in green Cotton Couture fabric is in the making…


5 thoughts on “Amber love

  1. So cute, An! I just made another Hanami shirt in Nani Iro fabric, so cute and so soft. 🙂 🙂 It's part of my signature style look for Project Run and Play sew along. It's becoming my new favorite pattern. 🙂 You did an awesome job with it!

  2. Norah is now a big sister … did I miss the new baby post? Congratulations!!! The dress is beautiful too! We are coming into Spring in Australia, but I may have to hoard some of this fabric for Autumn next year 🙂

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