Tutorial: very simple ruffled sundress

A few weeks ago, I vented my frustration about my supposedly original idea for SeeKateSew’s awesome Ruffles Series turning out to already exist in a ready-made pattern.
I had to come up with something new, and after exploring some ideas for minor revisions to the first idea, I decided to just make something completely different.

This very simple ruffled sundress is made out of just 2 rectangular panels of fabric and some ribbon for the shoulder straps. So, the ruffles are not cut separately – they are simply folded from the panels. The ruffles are stitched with elastic thread, so no zipper nor buttons are needed to put the dress on.

Visit SeeKateSew’s beautiful blog today to read more.

PS. I googled around a bit to find out if this second idea perhaps also already existed. I didn’t find anything. If nevertheless, anyone is aware of something extremely similar already existing, please don’t tell me. I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I just wouldn’t.



11 thoughts on “Tutorial: very simple ruffled sundress

  1. Well, I made exactly the same top two years ago. Haha. Just kidding. 🙂 You come up with the cutest ideas! Love how cute and easy the dress is. My kind of project. 🙂

  2. I love this! I had to pin it for future use. I also hate cutting out ruffles but love their effect on my girls clothes. This is a perfect solution. That is such a creative and smart idea.

  3. oh that's just unfair! 🙂 i had something similar happen where i was suddenly inspired to fabric paint dots onto chambray. how original! how inspired! how exciting! then i googled dotted chambray and saw Liesl from Oliver + S had already written that tutorial. Sigh. Maybe what they say is right – there really is no such thing as a truly original idea. 🙂

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