Call for pattern testers [CLOSED] … and a new name :-)

About a week ago, I asked for your help with finding a name for my third pattern, which had the working title Tulipa. I received many more reactions than I could hope for, and they included some great suggestions.

‘Papillon’ was a popular suggestion which I liked a lot, but patterns with this name already turned out to exist, so that was not really an option. Nevertheless, Leentje, who was the first commenter to suggest Papillon on the blog, and Janelle, who suggested it via Facebook, will get the pattern as soon as it is ready.

Sanae suggested ‘Hana’, which means flower in Japanese. I really loved this idea (1) because a Japanese name would be a sweet reference to the fact that I used Japanese (Nani Iro) fabrics for three of the test versions and (2) flower refers to the tulip sleeves, but also to the fabric used for the version on the cover of the pattern.
On the other hand, ‘Hana’ is pretty short, and is also a rather classic girl’s name, and my second pattern (Tinny) already has such a name. I googled around a bit, and found out that ‘Hanami’ is Japanese for ‘the art of observing flowers’ – observing the famous Japanese blossoms more particularly. I instantly loved that concept, so Hanami is what I have decided to adopt as a new name. Thank you so much, Sanae! The Hanami pattern will be coming your way.

This new pattern needs to be tested of course, and here too I was hoping to be able to count on your help. I hope to send the test pattern before the end of the week, and testers would have 2.5 weeks to make the dress and send me feedback. Feedback includes information on the fit (sizing), the instructions (is everything clear?), etcetera, as well as pictures of the garment worn (not on a hanger).
If you would like to be a tester, please complete this form. Note : the call for pattern testers has been closed. Thank you to everyone who volunteered! I sent every applicant an email about whether they were selected or not, but I got a few “Delivery Status Notifications” back, so those of you who did not receive a response, probably made a typo in their email address…
The pattern comes in sizes 1Y to 10Y, and has 8 different options:
– Top or dress
– With or without slim peter pan collar
– Regular flutter sleeves, or tulip flutter sleeves
– Back with hidden zipper, or crossed back
Below are some pictures of different test versions I made myself in the past months.
Thank you all in advance!


35 thoughts on “Call for pattern testers [CLOSED] … and a new name :-)

  1. It's gorgeous An! (and I do love the name. It's so beautiful and perfectly suited to the pattern)
    PS. I did send my tester form (sorry, can't resist your patterns. So many options…)

  2. Great name, I love it, really! I already completed the form, but, as in previous tests, I'm completely open to make any option you need me to test. All of them are great, so I'll be glad to sew any.

  3. oh wow, I really look forward to it! Hanami is a lovely name for a lovely pattern… and I'm pretty sure that it't just perfect for my little lady.

    I would also like to be a tester, form's on the way!

  4. Am I the only one confused about the time frame? You say it has to be done end of the week AND testers have 2.5 week to finish – or have I misunderstood? I would live to test if I have 2.5 week but won't be able to do it in 2.5 day :-)))
    No matter what….big congrats on your next fantastic pattern!!! LOVE the name!

  5. The test pattern will be sent to the testers this week, and next, they'll have 2.5 weeks to submit feedback. So there's no excuse, Mie – fill in that form NOW! 😉
    (and thanks for the sweet comments!)

  6. I really love this pattern and the name! I'm Japanese so it made me feel so proud that you chose Japanese word for your pattern; I've sent out my form to test too!

  7. Gorgeous pattern again, I filled out the form immediately. As we speak your Tinny is running out of my printer, looking forward to making both patterns! (And lovely name it has received as well)

  8. O my god, what a beautiful pattern. And Yes, please, I would love to test it. I never been a tester before, but there's a first for everything, no? I filled in the form. I can test any version, up to you. Great name, wow, how you came up with it…

  9. Hi An, I love all your patterns and the model, who is adorable. And I would love to test it for you. With all due respect, I have one suggestion for you in case i don't get to test your patter…,I somehow feel the flutter tulip sleeve tones down the beauty of the tulip sleeve as such. I maybe wrong and just my thought that it maybe good just to have a simple tulip sleeve, than a flutter tulip sleeve.

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