Kids’ Clothes Belgian Style: wrap-up

Last week, we had our last guest in the Kids’ Clothes Belgian Style series, and so this week, a little wrap up is due.

The series included nothing but gorgeous outfits, and while they were all Belgian style, they were also all very different. We had…

… the typical wildlife/nature prints…

(skirtastop // groovybaby and mama) 

… beautiful vintage style dresses…



 (sewpony // suburbia soup)

… amazing knock-offs of particular Belgian garments…

(emma en mona // nest full of eggs)

… classy Japanese style interpretations of the Belgian aesthetic…

(sanae ishida // japanese sewing books)

… the coolest and cutest accessories (belts!)…

(crafterhours // craftinessisnotoptional)
(s is for sewing // elegance and elephants)

(petit and petit and family)

… and of course, lots of bright colours (blue and yellow!)…

(la inglesita // me sew crazy)
 (iCandy // CailaMade)
(imagine gnats // LBG studio)

A big thank you to (in order of appearance): Kristin, Venus, Adrianna, Trine, Heidi, Caila, María, Vanessa, Griet, Ana Sofia, Jessica, Sanae, Jessica, Rachael, Suz, Celina, Rachel, YiFarn, and Jen!

And then there was the sew-along flickr group. Below is just a small, random selection of the amazing outfits which were uploaded there – make sure to check out the others as well….


(de donckere elke // start to sew)

Thank you to everyone who sewed and followed along!


12 thoughts on “Kids’ Clothes Belgian Style: wrap-up

  1. Love this wrap-up An!
    You can really get a summary of the Best of Belgian Style inspiration for the little ones 🙂
    It's been such a pleasure to join such a lovely and amazing group! Thank you so much (of course, now I can't wait for the upcoming round …)

  2. Hey, thanks for the mention.
    It was a cool series !!

    I bought your tinny pattern and will start my FLIP tomorrow.
    My daughter is in charge of the fabric choice … curious to find out what she'll pick 🙂

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