Imagine… (KCW day 4)

…you’re invited to contribute to the 2013 edition of a cool series about ruffles, hosted by the wonderful SeeKateSew. You come up with what you think is quite an original idea: ruffle sleeves combined with spaghetti straps.

You think, measure, draw, and cut. You make a first version, which turns out quite well (just a bit big perhaps).
Pro-active as you are, you already take pictures of each step, for the tutorial.
You’re quite proud that you’re all set to deliver your guest post well in time.
You do a photoshoot, and in your enthusiasm, you even create a little button for your guest post, even though it is only due by the end of August.

About two days later, you visit your friend Ana Sofia’s blog, who presents her newest gorgeous creation for KCW. And you find out that your ‘highly original’ idea…
… in its almost exact same form, is already part of a pattern by this little pattern company named Oliver + S.
This, dear readers, is the story I will tell Norah if she ever asks what the word ‘frustration’ means.
Back to work, I guess.

27 thoughts on “Imagine… (KCW day 4)

  1. It's ok, it was original when you sewed it up, and moreover what is fashion if it cannot be recreated, so cheer up and happy sewing šŸ™‚

    KCW is keeping me busy this week as Day 3 was gobbled up by Migraine attack, Day 4 on Reversible Hat, Day 5 I plan to draft and sew a d fishtail panel skirt, hope it isn't on blog world yet,

    Adithi's Amma Sews

  2. šŸ™‚
    Sorry An! (Although I did had to read it twice as I couldn't believe I was such a spoiler)
    Can't stop laughing- You're amazing!
    And I still think you had a great idea – it's so tempting to add ruffles and spaghetti straps when the heats goes up šŸ™‚

  3. I know the feeling! I think it would still be great if you shared your tutorial though… many seamstresses prefer to draft their own clothing rather than use patterns. =)

  4. I'm pretty sure someone came up with this idea before Oliver + S and I'm pretty sure that's a different approach. I would like to see your tutorial anyway. Also I think frustration is a way to improve yourself so it's not useless at all.

  5. It's so cute! And it happens, for sure – I say yours is ALMOST different enough – maybe do a little more brainstorming to make it definitely different/unique? Like consider this the starting point and keep innovating? I really respect you for noticing and not going through with the tutorial once you saw the similarity though.

  6. This is still really cute and Nora looks quite happy showing it off. I personally would still love a tutorial. The more the merrier :). Thanks for your hard work.

  7. Thank you, all, for these supernice comments. They made me feel better instantly! I'm already working on a different idea for Kate's series, but might decide to post the tutorial on my own blog anyway…

  8. We'd love to see the tutorial, although it is painful develop your own idea and then suddenly realize it will look to most only like a derivative work. But with textiles, could there possibly be anything truly new under the sun?

    You know, a famous knitter and author Elizabeth Zimmermann coined the word “unvented” to describe such scenarios. See her full quote here –—ahh-one-un-vents-something-one-unearths-it

  9. Hi June, thanks for your sweet comment, and for introducing me to that great quote! When I find the time, I will finish the tutorial anyway, and make sure to use the term unvention in the post;-)

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