Kids Clothes Belgian Style week 19: iCandy Handmade

Today we have another great guest in the Belgian Style series: Jen from iCandy Handmade. I first met Jen we she asked me to participate in a supersweet series she hosted last year: the Basic Bodice Design series. Being just a few months into blogging back then, their invitation was one of the first I received for a guest series, and of course, I was thrilled with the opportunity.

iCandy is run by Jen and her pal Autie, who continuously surprise their readers with awesome sewing and ideas for children’s and women’s clothing, and home decor too. They were recently part of Project Run & Play’s All Stars Season, and for good reason. Make sure to check out their archives of tutorials, which is a simply mind blowing source of sewing inspiration!


Hello Straight Grain readers! I am so happy to be here today celebrating Belgium style kids clothes.
When An asked me to be part of the series, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was definitely up for the challenge!

After perusing An’s Pinterest board, I began to get a feeling for Belgium style. What I noticed, was the bright primary(ish) colors, the simple, classic styles, the pattern mixing, the animal prints, and the layering.
One dress in particular stood out to me, calling my name.  I fell in love, and decided that I needed to make that dress.  With some minor changes, of course.  I’m a sucker for polka dots, and the dress really needed to be green, so I was so happy to find this fabric.  I found this pretty dark pink kona cotton to add the pop of color it needed.  I slightly changed the shape of the skirt, too.

I used a basic bodice that I used in my Shoreline Dress and that I used as the base for my Mod About You Dress, and just added a quarter circle skirt.

For the first time ever, I made some custom piping, which I placed in between a center panel and the bodice front pieces, and in between the skirt and bodice.

I drafted a small peter pan collar, also a first for me.

I added five dainty buttons down the front to complete the look, and inserted an invisible zipper in the back.

I am so happy how this dress turned out!  It was so much fun to try new techniques and have them work out.  Here are some tutorials that I found that were very helpful:

Collars: Shwin & Shwin
            Children’s Fashion Workshop

Piping: Make It & Love It

1/4 Circle Skirt: By Hand London

Thanks An, for having me- I had a blast!


12 thoughts on “Kids Clothes Belgian Style week 19: iCandy Handmade

  1. oh my gosh – the covered zipper in the back,
    and you successfully kept the pattern of the fabric runnig through it.
    I am in awe of you.

    Great work,
    love it

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