Help me name this pattern (and get it for free)

A few weeks ago, I made the first version of my peplum top with crossed back, but I didn’t get round to taking pictures until this morning.

 This top too is made in Nani Iro double gauze (Woodblock Pocho Paysage), bought at my usual supplier. I added bows to the sides, using some leftover fabric from this dress. In retrospect, I should have gone for something more bold, like neon yellow or pink.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to find the necessary time to finish the pattern. With Norah being at home instead of in school now, I have less time than ever to sew and work on my patterns, which is pretty frustrating (though I cherish the extra time I can spend with her, of course).

Another issue is naming this pattern. The working title is Tulipa (because of the tulip sleeves which are part of the options) but I’m not fully happy with that name yet. If anyone comes up with a good alternative, she will receive the pattern for free as soon as it is finished. Suggestions are very welcome in the comments section. 🙂


85 thoughts on “Help me name this pattern (and get it for free)

  1. I like the mellow colors in the top.
    What about “LULIA” for the pattern's name (since tulip belongs to the family “Liliaceae”)That name sounds softer like the versions of the pattern you've created – soft, fluttery & feminine.

  2. Id name it the Crossover Flutter Tunic, or the Crossover Pinafore Dress. The little flutter sleeves remind me of pinafores girls used to wear over their dresses…I love it!

  3. For some reason I was reminded of Fantasia (Disney movie) when you were talking about the pattern having a flower inspired name. I like 'Sugarplum' or 'Orchid'…it's definitely a flower-centric top. Great job!

  4. Angelique and Montreaux are two fo my favorite types of tulips. I think Angelique would be a cute name for this top with it's angelic flutter sleeves and it incorporates tulip into the name as well.

  5. I like Hana too Sanae – I think you should win! I have a friend who has called her 2 daughters flower in different languages – one is Hana

  6. Very pretty pattern, I like the name you chose , everybody has proposed very cool names, so I don't know what name , perhaps ” Tulipan” (nothing original, just tulip in spanish hehe)

  7. Hi, how about “Lauren top”? Named after Lauren Bacall who wore a very famous peplum suit in her first fim “To have and to have not” in 1944? After the film peplums became very popular and so she started the first modern peplum hype!

  8. Eek! I love this top so much! It's adorable and your fabric choice is spot on, as always. Sorry, I'm crap with names but it seems like you've got quite a few great suggestions already! Can't wait for the pattern – your productivity astounds me! 🙂

  9. How about the 'Holiday top' given you are trying to finish it whilst Norah is on holidays 🙂 And it would be a great summer holiday top (or good over a long sleeve top in our current winter in Australia! (

  10. “Yulania liliiflora”, or “liliiflora” after the Japanese Magnolia,
    “tulpenwoede” after Tulip Mania, or
    “Chuurippu”, which is “tulip” in Japanese, and homage to both the pattern and fabric used.
    catherinemgagnon {at} gmail {dot} com

  11. I like the name belle as the sleeves remind me of a debutante ball dress. Extend the peplum intoa sweet dress and you'll have the belle of the ball:)

  12. I like the name “Belle” as the sleeves and peplum remind me a of a sweet debutante dress. Extend the peplum and you you get a dress to make you belle of the ball 🙂

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