A post about how well I listen to my readers’ advice, and about organic fabrics too

When I blogged my Nani Iro peplum top with flutter sleeves last week, Joy cleverly commented “Make it even longer & you’ve got a darling dress”. You’re a mind reader, Joy!

Because making a dress version was exactly what I was doing at that time ๐Ÿ™‚ย 
As I wanted to add a collar, I used the version with the blind zipper again. The collar is an ultraslim one which I spotted on Pinterest a while ago. I like the result, but for the final pattern, I will be making it a bit wider, so it stays down better.

Now how about that georgeous striped fabric? It isย Cloud 9 Straws in Minty, andย was a generous gift from Georgette, a Belgian online shop which specializes in organic fabrics. Georgette, which is run by the lovely Ruth, sells all the organic fabric brands we love so much: Cloud 9, Birch, Monaluna, Lillestof, Amy Butler Organic, and more. All these fabrics have the GOTS-label, which means they consist for at least 95% of organically produced fibres. In the production of these fabrics, the use of detrimental chemical products is highly restricted. This does not only make the fabrics safer and healthier (not in the least for children, people with allergies, or a sensitive skin) – their production is also much better for the environment. Moreover, the GOTS label also has a social dimension, as it is only given to fabrics which are produced under strictly controlled circumstances: no forced labor, no child labor, minimum wages, humane treatment of workers, and so on. In sum: while organic fabrics are a bit more expensive than other fabrics, they are so worth their money!

Tip: the sales season started in Belgium yesterday, so you can buy this lovely fabric, as well as many others, at a discount price. Georgette ships to Belgium, The Netherlands, the UK, Germany, France, and Luxembourg.


19 thoughts on “A post about how well I listen to my readers’ advice, and about organic fabrics too

  1. Stop it stooop it – I can't take anymore amazing dresses from you……just kidding! PLEASE keep them coming – this one is especially fabulous (but I think I say that about all of them ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Seriously, An! This is so cute!!! (love the colors and the organic cotton option)
    Of course, we should already know what to expect from you (after the various options on the Tinny dress …) – your patterns besides the amazing design always feature so many cute options ๐Ÿ™‚
    Another SG pattern on my “shopping list” (love the sleeves and peplum skirt)!

  3. I recently used an ultra thin collar on a baby dress design and used decorative embroidery through all three layers to hold it down. The result was darling.

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