Introducing… Secret Squirrel!

You may have seen this little mammal popping up here and there. Well it’s time he was formally introduced!
For the past six weeks, Suz from sewpony and I have been scheming and conspiring to bring you….

Secret Squirrel!

Secret Squirrel is one top secret agent whose mission is to deliver acorns of sewing inspiration to bloggers around the world…


Let us to tell you more…Secret Squirrel is gearing up for an epic journey, where he will travel to bloggers far and wide, once per month for a year.  We know where his journey will start and where his journey will end, but what happens in between is up to those up to take on his sewing challenge.  He will deliver emails to willing bloggers to create an outfit for their child based on acorns of inspiration passed on to them by previous bloggers who have met and conquered his missions.
So let us divulge the nitty gritty of the sewing series that is Secret Squirrel…

So what are acorns of inspiration?
Anything you like: a colour, an adjective, a song, a picture or photo, a sewing term, a verb, a food, a pastime, a proverb… let your imagination guide Secret Squirrel on his most important mission.  From little things, big things grow.  From five acorns of inspiration, comes one giant oak of a creative outcome (in the form of something your child can wear)!

Where will Secret Squirrel go?

Secret Squirrel is currently traveling from Antwerp, Belgium, to Melbourne, Australia. There, he will start the first leg of his mission:

1 July, 2013: Start: Suz from sewpony
1 August, 2013: ? 
1 September, 2013: ?
1 October, 2013: ?
1 November, 2013: ?
1 December, 2013: ?
1 January, 2014: ?
1 February, 2014: ?
1 March, 2014: ?
1 April, 2014: ?
1 May, 2014: ?
1 June, 2014: ?
1 July, 2014: An from StraightGrain

He will complete his mission in Antwerp, Belgium. The entire year, Suz and I will keep track of his mission on a special Secret Squirrel page on our blogs, continuously updating the map below and linking to those he visits.

Secret Squirrel’s journey is up to you!

What we love about Secret Squirrel is that he is his own mammal… We can’t tell him where to go… he will be lead by those he visits and that is what makes this all so very exciting!  From Belgium, to Australia, to…Iceland?  He will travel many miles and make many new friends. This is his most important mission to date!
So we hope you will welcome Secret Squirrel into your hearts (and your inboxes) and embrace his mission of spreading his inspiration to create fabulous clothing for our little ones. If you would like sew along and help spread the word on Secret Squirrel, feel free to put the Secret Squirrel button (see side bar) on your blog and also to add your creation to the Secret Squirrel flickr group. But please, do not blog or add your creation to the group until the second of the month so as not to detract from the blogger who receives the official secret squirrel mission.
At the end of the series, Suz and I will make a selection of our favorite projects, and popular vote will decide who wins a super sweet prize:

Thank you so much to our sponsors,  SewFineFabricsLimaSews, SewFreshFabricsScientific Seamstress, and Elegance & Elephants!

Secret Squirrel is super excited to unveil his first five acorns which  were given to Suz two weeks ago…

A mandarin duck; “not done”; a painting by Japanese artist Ando Hiroshige; “pleat”; Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
The accumulation of these acorn will be revealed on his first leg of his epic journey next week on the 1st of July on Suz’ blog! See you there!

– Suz & An.

33 thoughts on “Introducing… Secret Squirrel!

  1. I can really recommend Maramures in Romania as one of the most beautiful spots in the world! I hope the squirrel likes it as well! 🙂 Marte from Compagnie M. Love the idea by the way! How creative!

  2. I love it! Should produce some really exciting creations! Am also wondering how you 'sew along'? Do sew-alongers get to know the acorns in advance too, or produce their own creations once the acorns are revealed? x

  3. Thanks, Victoria! The 5 acorns for the next participant are immediately revealed by the participant who blogs her own creation. So for instance, next week, Suz will post her creation (based on the 5 acorns I sent her) and she will reveal the 5 acorns for the next participant (and sew-alongers) in that same post. Only in the current week, there will be no sew-along…

  4. Brilliant. This is like sewing with Jorgen Leth's 5 obstructions.
    Super idea. My first thought was that no secret squirrel would ever past Australian quarantine but I'm a proud Melburnian seeing that his first visit will be my home city!

  5. Love the project, a game in itself, and looking forward to the undoubtly great creations that will come up! So I'm following, the squirrel is welcome here at our little Wadden-island as well 😉

  6. Very fun project indeed! Looking forward to seeing the creative clothes that will show up, and of course the squirrel is welcome here on our little island in the Waddensea (where until present no squirrels reside)!

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