Kids’ Clothes Belgian Style week 17: Nest full of Eggs

Today’s guest in our Belgian style series is the wonderful Rachel from Nest Full of Eggs. Rachel creates beautiful and highly original garments for her three kids (and sometimes, herself), but is also a great all-round crafter. She’s simply amazing in incorporating other crafts into her garments (like patchwork, or basket weaving). Apart from being one of the www’s most popular sewing bloggers, she also contributes regularly to well-known sewing magazines. Oh, and to this little book called The BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook (Rings a bell to anyone? No? Naaaah, I didn’t think so).
Rachel already ventured into some Belgian style sewing a few months ago, when she created her own version of the Poppy Field Dress Trine created for this series. But today, she’s presenting her own interpretation of Belgian kids’ fashion. Thank you so much for joining us, Rachel!


Have you been enjoying An’s Kids’ Clothes Belgian Style series as much as I have? I was so inspired that I already sewed up a couple of scenery fabric dresses: Monet and Red Poppy Field. When trying to decide what to contribute for the series I was thinking of doing one of those fun dresses with an animal motif, but the number of fabric choices at the stores in my area was too overwhelming I couldn’t make a decision.

 In the end, my inspiration was a dress designed by Inge van den Broeck. You can find images of it here and here.

 I found this about the designer:

Inge van den Broeck

She designs her clothes not bothering about fashionable themes and trends. As a result she creates beautiful children’s clothing which are sold worldwide. She works intuitively starting from fabrics and not themes.. Combinations of natural colors are a great source of inspiration to her. She likes to use overwhelming mixtures of colors in her designs. It is a brand with a rather classical, basic form; Its uniqueness stems from a fabulous mixture of fabrics, colors and patterns.

 The facts:

Pattern: Oliver + S Fairytale Dress
Fabrics: bodice (and bodice lining) in copper satin, skirt in navy blue Kona cotton, bow tied belt in tomato red 100% organic cotton sateen.
Details: A very important detail I observed when studying Belgian style dresses was that there are 4 pleats in the front. This particular dress also has details of a nice wide hem as well as topstitching around the neckline and armholes. I added thread belt loops following this tutorial.

 Since I wasn’t able to find the exact gray and blue polka dot fabric and ended up making a solid blue skirt, I styled the dress with silver/gray tights and shoes, so the outfit could still have some gray. It was the color combination that I found so unique.

 I’m so glad that I took the risk and went outside my comfort zone with mixing different fabrics and colors. I look forward to seeing what Inge van den Broeck designs in the future, her creations are so inspiring!

All dressed up and ready for skipping through the woods…

Thanks so much for having me today, An!


14 thoughts on “Kids’ Clothes Belgian Style week 17: Nest full of Eggs

  1. I really like this pattern as a belgian inspired pattern, they fit so well together; overall just a gorgeous dress. Very classic and not “trendy” (in a good way).


  2. Beautiful dress – I do love your color combo 🙂
    (there's something very “Belgian” about Oliver+S Fairy Tale dress. I also used it for my “Belgian” version. It just feels so right …)

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